Silva’s arrest after a several hour standoff with the Charlottesville, VA police.

Nothing like being caught with your pants down, but if you’re social media sensation Bryan Silva, then it’s just another stunt for your legions of followers. The body builder/porn star/social media personality is no stranger to controversy. Since Silva’s freestyle rap Vine videos started going viral he’s been a walking target for trolls and critics. Any publicity is good publicity and that is certainly true in the social media world. The more outrageous or ridiculous a person portrays themselves as, the more followers they gain. Love him or hate him, it is certainly an art Bryan Silva has mastered.

The Many Faces of Silva

Sometime in 2014 Silva released a series of Vine videos showcasing his freestyle rap skills. From there his social media celebrity status exploded. Best known for his catch phrase “gratata” – coined by the aspiring rapper for the sound a semi-automatic handgun makes when fired – Silva gained nearly 50,000 followers practically overnight.

A game based on Bryan Silva available in the Google Play Store.

A game based on Bryan Silva available in the Google Play Store.

Silva has since been the subject of a number of parody videos, a death hoax, and even his own arcade-style game hosted in the Google Play Store. Further propelling Silva’s instant cewebrity status was his appearance on the hit Comedy Central show Tosh.0. Silva discusses topics such as his graduation from the school of hard knox, his overuse of the “N” word, and his former career in gay porn.

Before #gratata became a trending hashtag on Twitter, Silva gained some notoriety for a video shared on World Star Hip Hop, which shows Silva flexing in his bathroom and denouncing his “haters.” Silva, who also owns the website, initially wanted to be known for his bodybuilding. Through the website, Silva offers customers his own patented diet and exercise regiments ranging from $15-$20.

The diet and exercise industry must not have been kind to Silva. It wasn’t long before Silva began a new business venture, this time in the porn industry. Silva, who identifies as a straight man, has been the star of several videos featuring an all male cast. It would seem that there is no venture off limits if the money is right for the internet sensation.

Today Silva continues to promote all of his business ventures which include his bodybuilding, his pornographic videos, and most recently his own adult model and webcam studio, through his dozens of social media accounts.

The Famous Felon

Though Silva may be just another face of millennial entrepreneurship, he admits that he is no stranger to the law. In his famous interview with Daniel Tosh, Silva claims to have been convicted of 14 felonies. In 2012, while living in California, court documents show that Silva had been charged with burglary, receiving stolen property and aggravated sexual assault.



The document details that after leaving a late night party at the beach, Silva followed the group of people he had been parting with back to a home they had been staying at. Silva and his accomplice entered the home while the rest of the group had been asleep and helped themselves to some personal property. Silva was also charged with sexually assaulting a young woman as she slept on a couch.

The Charlottesville Standoff

One of Silva's many business ventures included starring in a series of pornographic videos under the name Max Payne.

One of Silva’s many business ventures included starring in a series of pornographic videos under the name Max Payne.

On the early morning of January 3rd 2016, police received a call from 25-year-old Silva’s 17-year-old girlfriend. The girl claimed that she narrowly escaped Silva’s home after the aspiring rapper threatened her with a gun, as well as telling her that he would shoot any police who attempted to intervene in the couple’s domestic disturbance.

Police were able to use this information to obtain a warrant. Police arrived to Silva’s Charlottesville, VA home, where the “Cuban Swag Papi” had barricaded himself inside. Investigators were forced to call in a special tactical training team and crisis negotiators. Silva continued to update his official Facebook page throughout the ordeal, including video of police surrounding his home.

As Silva posted a video of himself dancing, singing and drinking Greygoose vodka, police began unleashing tear gas on the residence. Silva emerged from the home peacefully with his pants around his ankles several minutes later.

Silva was charged with abduction and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. These charges come as Silva is already facing charges in Orange County, CA for an incident involving the destruction of property. The social media star is currently being housed at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail while he awaits his court date.