What began as what is believed to have been a prank landed two teens in trouble with the law.

A mother of two had asked her niece and her friend to watch her infant while she took a shower. As the mother quickly took her shower, the two teens who were left in the care of the baby decided to post a video to Snapchat.

In the video, the baby can be heard crying as the two teens place the baby into the refrigerator and closed the door. The two teens can be heard laughing as the child continues to cry from inside the fridge. Danvers, Massachusetts police were later alerted to the video with the help of a neighboring police department.


“I know she wouldn’t hurt my daughter and that wasn’t her intentions. I think it was all foolishness, stupidity,” the baby’s mother told WCVB. “I will no longer be leaving my children with my niece or her friends again ever in my life.”

While the teens may not have intended to hurt the child, their decision to post the “prank” to social media is what prompted police to get involved. The two teens, who have not been identified, have been charged with child endangering and assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

The teens have since been released to their parents after appearing in juvenile court. Police are continuing to investigate the case with the help of Essex County District Attorney’s Office and the Department of Children and Families. The infant is reported to be doing well and currently in the custody of a parent.