The Murders

Dean Corll's homemade torture board. There he would tie up his victims in order to sodomize and torture his victimes before eventually executing the boys.

Dean Corll’s homemade torture board. There he would tie up his victims in order to sodomize and torture his victims before executing them.

On the day Henley returned to Corll to take him up on his business proposal Henley, Brooks, and Corll all climbed into Corll’s GTX and began cruising the streets for young boys to take back to his apartment. It wouldn’t be long before they came across a boy on the corner of 11th and Studewood. Henley said he talked the boy into coming back to Corll’s to party and smoke marijuana.

Once the gang was back at Corll’s apartment, a pair of handcuffs had been left out. Henley had the keys to the handcuffs in his pocket, but showed the boy a “trick” where he slipped on the cuffs and was able to break loose fairly easily. Henley asked the boy if he’d like to give it a shot, only he didn’t have the keys on hand like Henley had, finding the trick much more difficult to pull off than expected.

Now in cuffs, Corll tied the boy’s feet and covered his mouth in tape. In Henley’s police statement he claims that he left once the boy was subdued and assumed that Corll was selling the boy off to his organization. Henley returned to Corll’s the following day and was paid for his hand in kidnapping the teen boy. Henley learned several days later that the boy had been murdered and sexually assaulted by Corll.

However, this wasn’t Corll’s first kill. Prior to Henley coming into the picture, Brooks claimed to have known of at least six young boys Corll had kidnapped, raped, and murdered. Brooks had personally witnessed four of these murders and helped Corll wrap up the bodies and take them to various locations for disposal.

All of the murders committed by Corll and Henley followed a similar pattern. Brooks and Henley would help lure boys back to Corll’s place for a party, once at Corll’s the boys would be tied up to to the torture board where he would perform various sexual acts – at times for several hours, other times for several days. After Corll was finished, the boys would be murdered, shoved into a wooden coffin-like box Corll kept in his vehicle, and systematically disposed of by all three perpetrators.

When Henley first became involved with Corll’s operation he never partook in the murders. It wouldn’t be until the murder of two boys – identified in Brooks’ police statement as “Billy” and Johnny”– that Henley would get a taste for killing his former classmates.

Brooks described how Henley had brought the boys back to Corll’s and after Corll had his fill of sexually assaulting the two boys, Henley began strangling Billy. During the process Henley yelled “hey Johnny” to the other victim. As the boy raised his head to look up, Corll shot him in the forehead. Somehow managing to stay alive, Johnny pulled himself up and begged Henley for his life. His finial words were “Wayne, please don’t”, before he was finally strangled to death by Henley and Corll.

Together, Corll’s teenage accomplices were able to describe 24 murders they were present for and able to lead investigators to the bodies of the known victims. Most of the victims were boys Brooks and Henley knew from school, the rest were hitchhikers traveling through town.