Death of the Candy Man

The home where Corll would be shot by Henley. Located on 2020 Lamar Drive Pasadena, TX.

The home where Corll would be shot by Henley. Located on 2020 Lamar Drive Pasadena, TX.

In the days leading up to Corll’s death, Henley started to become concerned for his safety and the weight of the horrific acts he had committed became very heavy to him. He claimed that he had tried to talk to his mom about the incidents, but she didn’t believe him. He wrote out a full confession and told his mom if anything happen to him to turn it over to police.

According to Henley, he and Brooks discussed the possibility of killing Corll in order to get themselves “…away from this whole thing.”, but claimed that they were just too scared. Both Brooks and Henley were still under the impression that Corll had ties to organized crime and believed someone would come after them to avenge his murder. Instead they waited, going along with one horrific murder after another.

That all changed on the night of August 7, 1973. Henley had been with his long-time friend Rhonda Williams when she got into a dispute with her father. She asked Henley to help her run away from home. Henley agreed to help her and together, along with another teen named Tim Kerley, headed to Corll’s.

There isn’t much doubt that Henley was only bringing Kerley along as a sacrifice, but Henley felt Rhonda would be relatively safe since Corll had little interest in females. Once the trio arrived at Corll’s home, Henley was met with some tension. Corll was upset that Henley had brought a girl along with him to the party and the two argued. The three teens stayed up late into the night, partying until they passed out.

The following morning Henley awoke to his hands and feet bound together and tape placed over his mouth. Chained up next to him were Williams and Kerley. Corll had told Henley his plans of killing both him and Williams after he was finished sexually assaulting Kerley. Somehow Henley was able to convince Corll to remove his restraints and Henley agreed to kill Williams while Coril took care of Kerley. Henley went and laid next to Williams, reassuring her that he would talk with her as long as he could, but then he would have to point a gun to her head and kill her. At some point during incident the Corll had laid his pistol down and Henley picked it up.

Henley screamed at Corll, fed up that he was killing his friends, according to witness Rhonda Williams. He then pointed the pistol at Corll and shot him six times. Minutes later, Henley phoned the Pasadena police department and confessed to shooting Corll.