In episode 44 of Sword and Scale Mike discussed the attack on Michelle Wilkins. Wilkins thought she was going to meet another woman in order to purchase some inexpensive baby clothes for her unborn child, instead she was met by a woman so desperate to have a baby of her own that she was willing to do anything, even if that meant taking someone else’s.

Though the murder of Wilkins’ unborn child was shocking, it wasn’t the first time a pregnant woman had encountered a “womb raider.” In 2009, Heather Snively found herself in a scenario similar to Wilkins’.

Oregon Live reports that on June 5, 2009, Snively mailed a card to her grandmother. The card read:

“Can you believe Mom and Dave are going to be grandparents?”

Sadly, it would be the last anyone would hear from Snively. Three days after mailing the card she was found dead in the crawlspace of Korena Roberts.

The same day 21-year-old Heather Snively mailed the card announcing her excitement over her pregnancy, she went to meet with Roberts. Roberts had placed an ad on craigslist to swap baby clothes, but there was only one problem. Roberts didn’t have a baby.

Heather Snivley with her fiance Chris Popp

Heather Snively with her fiance Chris Popp

Roberts had suffered a miscarriage in 2007. The devastation of the miscarriage is what is believed to have caused Roberts’ interest in conceiving another child of her own to snowball into a full-on obsession. She would spend her days watching YouTube videos on pregnancy and different forms of delivery, sewing baby clothing, and purchasing baby items at garage sales. For months Roberts had been telling friends and neighbors that she was expecting twins.

Roberts moved to Oregon two weeks prior to the murder in order to be closer to her fiance, the alleged father of her unborn children. Though she was nearing to her due date with the twins, Roberts did not appear to be pregnant, which roused suspicions within her fiance’s family.

With no baby on the way, Roberts knew she had to cover her tracks somehow, so she placed an ad on craigslist. She was in touch with several other women through the ad, but Snively was the first woman who agreed to meet with her.

Snively agreed to go to Roberts’ Beaverton home where she had been living with her fiance and her two children. Snively had been in the bathroom when Roberts beat her with a police baton and slashed open her abdomen, ripping Snively’s unborn child from her womb.

Korena Roberts

Korena Roberts

Roberts calmly rolled Snively in carpet and then put her into her crawlspace before phoning her fiance and telling him to come home quickly. There, Roberts’ fiance found her in the bathtub cradling a deceased newborn baby boy.

Paramedics were dispatched to the scene where the baby was pronounced dead on arrival and both Roberts and the child were transported to a local hospital. After a thorough examination, it was clear to doctors that Roberts had not just given birth to the newborn and an investigation into where the baby came from had begun.

Police arrested Roberts that night and uncovered Snively’s body inside her crawlspace. During her trial Roberts pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.