It was late March of 2016 when a Clarksville, Tennessee waitress received an unusual message through social media. The unknown user going by the name “Blas Henry” had reached out to the waitress, Tiffany, and began asking her questions about the restaurant she worked for and if she had ever met a man named Jamal Williams McCray. Tiffany said that she had never met the man and after a brief exchange she thought that would be the end of it. Turns out, it was only the beginning.

The restaurant Tiffany worked for was located near Fort Campbell. Day after day Tiffany laughed and joked with the hungry soldiers who filled the tables. She knew next to none of the customers on a personal level and had very little time for a social life between juggling single motherhood with a full-time job and pursuing a college degree. Though she was engaged to be married and proudly listed herself as such on her social media, it did not stop the unknown user from reaching out to her again a week later.


The user insisted that his “friend’s” husband had frequented the restaurant Tiffany worked at. According to the user, a blonde woman named Tiffany who had worked at the restaurant sometime in 2015 had been having an affair with another woman’s husband. Tiffany, who was not a blonde, said she had no idea who the woman was, but said there were quite a few Tiffanys who had worked at the restaurant within the year prior being contacted by the user and left the conversation at that.

March turned into April and again the user reached out to Tiffany, asking her again about a blonde Tiffany and if she had recognized a tall black man in the military with calcium deposits on his teeth. Again, Tiffany was perplexed by the messages and began to feel a bit on-edge about the questioning from the unknown user. On April 5th the user contacted her again, this time stating,

“It’s funny how you said no one knew who he was because he swears it was you he fucked a year ago for two months when he was going through the divorce process. Did you know he was still fucking his wife as well that whole time? Doesn’t that make You a homewrecker? Maybe you should find her and apologize.”

Tiffany says it was these messages that set off nearly seven months of cyberstalking, harassment, and identity theft that would eventually throw her smack dab in the middle of a missing persons case. Later this same day Tiffany says she found her picture on several smear websites designed to “expose” cheaters and homewreckers. All of the posts included Tiffany’s photo along with personal information about the restaurant she worked for, as well as her full name.


Naturally, Tiffany was mortified by the posts. She and others have since reached out to these websites, but have failed to get the posts removed. Tiffany had also learned that a female caller had alerted her boss of the accusations and demanded that Tiffany be fired immediately. Tiffany had already talked with her boss about the odd messages she had been receiving. She was not fired over the incident, but per company policy, her manager was forced to file the report in her employee record.

Three weeks had passed since the online smear campaign against her, when Tiffany received a message from someone else. From the page “Shadow McClaine Photography” Tiffany was contacted by another user saying that she would like to apologize for the accusations and had contacted the company Tiffany worked for in order to explain that the report she had filed against her had all been made up.


Tiffany was relieved. She thought she could finally put the nightmare behind her once and for all. It wasn’t the end though, not by a long shot. From there on out Tiffany received threatening messages from various user profiles and notifications that all of her online accounts were under attack by someone attempting to gain access. To add insult to injury, Tiffany’s then 4-year-old son was being dragged into the smear campaign and threats had been made towards him as well. Fed up with the harassment, Tiffany said she had no choice but to contact the military and report the user behind the vicious online attacks; Shadow McClaine.

McClaine had been going through a messy divorce with her husband and had previous charges against her for stalking and harassing other women her ex-husband, Jamal McCray, had been involved with. McClaine was placed on a military protective order, preventing her from contacting Tiffany again.

This did not stop the harassment against Tiffany. On May 23, 2016 McClaine posted photos to her Facebook page claiming that Tiffany had cut her brake lines in an attempt to murder her, after leaving her car unattended in a barracks parking lot overnight. A police report was filed, but investigators came to the conclusion that the story was completely fabricated.


In spite of the action Tiffany had already taken against McClaine, the harassment and online stalking continued, now with attempted murder accusations. Tiffany was advised to report the matter to local police so they could have the report on file. McClaine was arrested on August 3, 2016 stemming from the reports made by Tiffany as well as from another woman whom McClaine’s ex-husband had been seeing at the time.

On August 15, 2016, McClaine reached out again to Tiffany through a public forum. Again she lunged wild and bizarre accusations against the waitress who, until March of 2016, had no idea who these people were.


One day the messages abruptly stopped. McClaine was last seen on September 2, 2016. She failed to show up for court for the stalking charges pressed against her, nor did she report for duty that morning. Shadow McClaine was missing and thrust into the center of it was Tiffany.

Crime Watch Daily got wind of the missing soldier and the bizarre series of accusations made against Tiffany. Tiffany says she was ambushed in her driveway on her way home from the gym. She was upset that the program did not reach out to her first, because she did not want her young son to be caught up in the investigation as well.

Investigators were able to contact Tiffany and she was able to give them access to all of her online accounts and alibis proving that she had no involvement in Shadow McClaine’s disappearance. That didn’t stop the harassment though. Tiffany claims that some of McClaine’s family had pegged her as a suspect in Shadow’s disappearance.

Tiffany believed that Shadow was still alive and on the run from the pending charges. It wasn’t until Shadow’s car turned up 60-miles away, in a Nashville parking lot, that Tiffany feared that something bad may have happened to the Fort Campbell soldier. Tiffany says that in spite of what happened between her and Shadow she hopes that she is found alive.

Since McClaine’s disappearance there have been several theories, including a possible psychotic break or that her ex-husband and some of his associates may have taken her.

It wasn’t until McClaine’s ex-husband,Jamal McCray, as well as another soldier stationed to Ft. Campbell, were placed under arrest that the threats and accusations against Tiffany finally stopped.


Today will mark 85 days since Shadow McClaine was last seen. Anyone with any information on this case is urged to contact the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) at 270-798-9406 or Fort Campbell Military Police at 270-798-0416.

As for Tiffany, she is hoping she can now put this whole ordeal behind her. She says the trauma she endured for the past seven months has been trying, but it gets a little better as the days pass.