Rev. Shaun Harrison was a model citizen. As an educator and dean for Boston English High School, Harrison worked closely with law enforcement on a regular basis. As an anti-violence advocate he indoctrinated his beliefs into the students he watched over. As an ordained reverend his track record with the law was non-existent and he went out of his way to help the community.

Rev. Harrison seemed to be a pillar of the community to many of those who knew him, but the good reverend was leading a closely guarded secret life. A life heavily involved in drugs, guns and violence that he preached so heavily against in his normal day-to-day life. The story of Rev. Harrison is an unusual one, but serves as a reminder of how looks can be so very deceiving.


Rev. Harrison’s double life began to unravel in early 2015. Neighbor’s reported suspicious activities outside of Harrison’s Boston home and believed that he may have been selling drugs. Police set up surveillance and watched the area for at least two weeks, but there had been no evidence connecting Harrison to any sort of drug sales. It wouldn’t be until a dispute between Harrison and a teenage boy he had employed to sell drugs for him that Harrison’s secrets would come to light.

After the dispute between Harrison and the teenager who worked for him, Harrison walked up behind the boy and shot him execution style in the back of the head. The boy was seriously injured, but survived the attack. At Harrison’s home police found marijuana, cocaine and guns. Several other young adults who were believed to be working for Harrison were also arrested at the residence.

After the arrest, more allegations against Harrison were exposed, painting Harrison in a much different light than the manner he liked to portray himself. Four years prior to the attempted murder, there were accusations of Harrison making inappropriate sexual comments to some of his former students. And just weeks prior to shooting the teen, Harrison allegedly shoved a student and was on the verge of being fired by school officials. Then there were the gang tattoos on Harrison matching those of some of his associates.

Boston police charged Rev. Harrison on a number of charges including attempted murder, illegal weapons charges, as well as drug charges. It’s been alleged by the victim that Harrison offered the teen “girls and money” before shooting him in the back of the head. In addition to Harrison’s victim identifying him has the shooter, the altercation between the teen and Harrison was caught on nearby surveillance cameras.

Harrison has plead not guilty to the charges and is currently being held on $400,000 bail as he awaits his sentencing.