Peter Frederiksen was already a wanted fugitive for selling illegal firearms in his native country of Denmark when South African officials uncovered 21 bags of preserved pieces of female genitalia in his freezer.

Frederikson’s estranged wife, Anna Matseliso Molise, initially contacted police about what had been stored in Frederikson’s freezer in February of 2015, but the police did not believe her story. It wouldn’t be until she had become one of Frederiksen’s victims that investigators would take her claims seriously.

In September of 2015, Molise reported to police that Frederiksen had fed her drugged champagne and proceeded to physically assault her, before adding pieces of her genitalia to his gruesome collection. Frederiksen was placed under arrest when surgical instruments, pornographic photos of children, a hook with pieces of female genitalia drying on it, as well as a diary documenting the genital mutilations dating back to 2010 were found in Frederiksen’s townhouse.


Frederiksen was immediately placed under arrest. Ms. Molise – who was offered witness protective services by police, but declined the offer – was gunned down a month later.

Frederiksen says it was his wife who collected the female genitalia in the freezer and had willingly agreed to undergo the procedure herself, due to her interest in black magic. Frederiksen says that she and all of his victims had been willing participants.

According to footage provided to the courts by Danish journalists asked by Frederiksen to ghostwrite his memoirs, Frederiksen says he was involved in sadomasochism, and had first been introduced to the practice 20 years prior to his arrest. He claims a satanic priestess had been the first to request that he perform the procedure on her. He also went on to boast how he had been the only man allowed to assist in the procedure in the mountains of Lesotho.

Frederiksen says that after having performed the ritual on the satanic priestess, he was taken under the wing of famous plastic surgeon Jørn Ege Siana – known as “Dr. Penis” for his penis enlargement surgeries – and was given lessons on how to perform the procedure properly. It is unknown how many female circumcisions Frederiksen may have assisted in while living with his wife and children in his native Denmark, but he was already on the police’s radar for illegal gun sales.

Force to flee the country and leaving his wife and children behind, Frederiksen went to South Africa to start a new life. There, Frederiksen met his second wife, who would later go on to be the key witness in his trial. He also claimed that upon his arrival, an elderly woman offered to take him into the mountains and show him how female circumcisions were performed there.

In many African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries female circumcisions are performed in non-medical environments once young women reach a reproductive age. The procedure makes it nearly impossible for women to have sexual pleasure and has often lead to infections and death due to the lack of sanitary conditions and other problems that may arise after the procedure. There has been pressure from the medical community, as well as women’s rights organizations, in these countries to end the practice and laws have been passed in order to circumvent the tradition, but some people still force young women to undergo the procedure illegally.

After Frederiksen claims he bore witness to the barbaric practice, he says he was asked to assist in performing the procedures for the women of Lesotho. He says that after the procedure had been performed on up to 15 young women, the external genitalia is then boiled with different herbs and consumed by the girls.

Though the ritual seems bizarre by Western standards, it does not explain why Frederiksen had been preserving the pieces of female genitalia within his own freezer.

Frederiksen is facing charges including bigomy (since he had a previous wife he abandoned in Denmark), sexual assault, illegal removal of human tissue, grievous bodily harm and distribution of child pornography, as well as charges related to his involvement in the conspiracy to assassinate the prosecution’s key witness.