Mark and Debby Constantino had devoted their lives to investigating the supernatural. Making several appearances on the Travel Channel series “Ghost Adventures,” on the camera the couple worked diligently as EVP specialists attempting to decode messages sent from the dead, but behind the scenes the couple may have had some skeletons of their own.


In the final years of their marriage Mark and Debby’s relationship could be described as rocky at best. Debby was arrested in July of 2012, when an argument between the couple turned violent. Debby pulled out a knife and had attempted to stab Mark. The following day Mark filed for a temporary protection order against Debby, fearing that she would return to the home they shared in Reno to finish the job.

The couple reconciled the following day, but the relationship escalated from bad to worse. Three years later, in July of 2015, a concerned neighbor heard the couple in the midst of a heated argument about credit card debit. When the police arrived Debby had stabbed Mark after she claimed Mark had attempted to rape her.


Debby left the home and moved in with a friend following the incident. Mark had filed a TPO against Debby and Debby retaliated by filing one against him, as well as filing divorce papers. In Debby’s complaint against Mark she claimed that both he and the couple’s 23-year-old daughter Raquel had beaten her and strangled her to the point of passing out.

A month later Debby claimed that Mark had repeatedly texted her, asking her to come back home and pleading with her to reconcile, but Debby was through with the relationship. She had found happiness living with a friend and rumor had it that she even had a new love interest. Mark and Raquel would hear none of it.

After Mark’s pleas for Debby to come back home didn’t work, Mark claimed that the family dog had gotten loose.

With her friend Summer Myers in tow, Debby Constantino agreed to go to Raquel’s Sparks apartment complex. Summer was in the driver’s seat when they arrived at the apartment, where Mark and Debby got into a heated argument. According to the statement Debby made to police,

“Mark ripped me out of the car and dragged me into the house like a rag doll…”

Raquel began beating Myers as Mark dragged Debby into Raquel’s apartment. After assaulting Myers, Raquel joined her father inside where they allegedly took turns beating Debby for nearly an hour as Myers attempted to get help from police. Within Debby’s police report she claimed that Mark had told her,

“I am the devil and I’m going to slit your throat.”

If police hadn’t arrived in time, Debby believed she would have been dead. Mark and Raquel were both placed under arrest and charged with kidnapping, domestic battery and several other charges related to the incident.

A month later, on September 22, 2015, police received a phone call from Myers. Myers said that she came home to find her roommate and Debby’s alleged boyfriend, James “Jimmy” Anderson, dead inside her Reno apartment. Also missing from the scene was Myer’s other roommate, Debby Constantino.

Police used cell phone signals to track Debby to Raquel’s apartment in Sparks where Debby had been assaulted the month prior. Police knocked on the door, but received no answer. After knocking several more times in an attempt to reach any occupants inside the apartment, police broke down the door. A man’s voice was heard telling officers to, “Go away!” before gunshots rang out. Police returned fire, but by then it was already too late. Mark and Debby Constantino were both dead in a murder-suicide orchestrated by Mark.


Two days later Raquel took to Facebook to say that her mother was, “… burning in hell where she belongs.” She faced trial on March 14, 2016 for the charges she racked up related to the attack on her mother and Myers prior to her parents’ death. Constantino agreed to enter a guilty plea in exchange for prosecutors to drop burglary charges related to the case. Constantino was sentenced to 175 day suspended sentence and was ordered to attend anger management, as well as an alcohol treatment program.


Since her death, some of the Constantios’ fellow paranormal investigators have attempted to contact Debby from beyond the grave. Did they successfully reach her? Judge for yourself below.