It’s been 10 years since investigators were dispatched a horror scene in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The victims had all been stabbed multiple times within their home, including an 8-year-old boy whose lifeless body was left in a pile of blood-spattered toys.


It was perhaps the most gruesome murder the city ever has, and possibly will ever, see. An entire family had been wiped off the face of the earth, except for one missing from the scene. Initially police believed that 12-year-old Jasmine Richardson had been carried off by a sadistic killer, but as they would soon learn, it was she who crafted the plot to kill her family.

Jasmine met 23-year-old Jeremy Steinke at a punk rock show and fell head-over-heels for him. He wasn’t like the other boys at school. Steinke was the rough and tumble type who gravitated towards the darker aspects in life. As a self-described “300-year-old werewolf,” Steinke was heavily into the gothic lifestyle and was often seen wearing a vial of blood around his neck.


Though Jasmine thought Jeremy was the bee’s knees, her parents thought differently. They didn’t approve of their daughter dating the much older boy, never mind that their clean-cut daughter was dating someone who believed they were a werewolf. The subject became the source of controversy within the household and eventually the Richardsons forbade Jasmine from ever talking to Jeremy again.

Jasmine did continue to speak with Jeremy through various online accounts. It was through these accounts that she told Jeremy of her plan to kill her family so that they can live happily ever after together. Jeremy agreed to go along with her plan.

Steinke stabbed Jasmine’s mother first. When Mr. Richardson heard his wife’s screams from the basement he rushed to her aid. That’s when Steinke stabbed him multiple times.


Meanwhile, Jasmine went upstairs to her little brother’s room. He pleaded for his life as she slit his throat and stabbed him five times in the chest. She later claimed the only reason she had killed him was because it would be too cruel to leave him without parents.

Steinke was sentenced to life in prison, but Richardson, who would become Canada’s youngest citizen to be convicted of multiple murders, was to receive a severely reduced sentence. She spent four years confined to a psychiatric hospital, before she was released in 2011. She was then ordered an additional four years of community supervision.

The girl who committed one of Canada’s most unspeakable crimes, the murder of her own family, has completed her sentence and is now free to walk the streets.