Meet the latest in robotic police technology. Inspired by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary and the Boston Marathon Bombing, a Mountain View, CA startup known as Knightscope has single-handedly designed the first sentient droid capable of hearing, seeing, smelling and feeling.

These battery powered and wifi enabled robots known as the K5 will cruise through corridors in order to detect suspicious activity. But rather than a complete replacement for human security, the company describes the little bots as assistants to their human counterparts.


In addition to detecting crimes in progress, Knightscope also claims that their droid can preemptively determine if a crime is likely to happen by listening for unusual noises during certain business hours, watching suspicious movements, and can even run license plates. Using a collection of text, audio, and video, information is then zapped back to the user interface where a human guard can then choose to investigate or report a crime in progress.

Each robot includes a 3D high definition panoramic camera, a microphone, a GPS system, a laser, weather sensor, electric motor, and alarm. Additional features include the ability to monitor carbon monoxide levels, barometric pressure, and temperature readings.

Knightscope is currently offering to rent units to malls and business campuses for $6.25 per hour, less than minimum wage. Companies looking for around the clock security can also rent the droids for a year or longer.