Regular listeners may recall the story of Luka Magnotta. A story so bizarre, so heinous, that it required two episodes (Episode 33 and Episode 34) to cover the case in full detail. For those who have not had a chance to listen in, Luka Magnotta sought fame by any means possible. Videos of Magnotta torturing kittens began to surface online, and soon many were out for Magnotta’s blood. However, This ill-gotten notoriety wasn’t enough for Magnotta, and he had to do something worse. Something that would shock the world.

Magnotta decided to continue on his depraved quest for stardom by making Chinese international student Jun Lin the spotlight of his next video. He tortured and dismembered the man on camera before posting the video online, but in order to truly achieve a name worthy of going down in true crime history, he took the murder even further. He mailed the limbs of Lin to offices of the Conservative Party of Canada and elementary schools.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for a jury to convict Magnotta of the crime and sentence him to life in prison. Still obsessed with the limelight, even a prison sentence couldn’t keep Magnotta out of the press and while prison life may have slowed Magnotta down a bit, he’s still just as outrageous as ever. Most recently a friend of his released letters written by Magnotta discussing his new life behind bars.

Within these letters, the way Magnotta describes prison life it would seem like Canadian prisons are more like a trip to Club Med than how we would typically picture life inside of a maximum security correctional facility. Magnotta tells his friend that the prison is mostly like a University dorm setting, where inmates are allowed to roam free within the prison walls for most of the day and can even take leisurely strolls through the prison gardens. Magnotta also explains how he spends most of the day quietly reading or enjoying art, while relaxing to the soothing sounds of the latest Celine Dion album.

When not soaking up the rays, playing for one of the many prison sports teams, or passing the time with art and music, Magnotta enjoys 5-star quality prison cuisine, though he admits their chocolate selection is not as up to snuff as he would like. Magnotta also claims that there is a prison convenience store, which has practically any food offering imaginable and sometimes the prison offers the inmates pizza parties. He has also taken advantage of the many educational opportunities and brags that he has been learning French.

Yes, life does sound good for a man who contrived one of the most despicable crimes Canada has ever seen, but shockingly his claims may not be entirely true. In an article published in Vice Magazine, Catherine Latimer, director for a charity that is responsible for rehabilitating offenders, says that Magnotta’s descriptions of prison life just aren’t feasible.

Latimer describes conditions as grim inside the prison walls. Inmates are on lockdown for around 22 hours a day. Not only that, but all that magnificent food Magnotta claims to be eating makes nutraloaf seem like a gourmet dinner. She describes the food as green, rotten and cold, but at best inmates could purchase commissary, which includes chocolates. Magnotta’s claims of playing sports and educational opportunities were also debunked in the Vice interview by Latimer, stating that budget constraints forced prisons to limit most sports activities and higher learning courses for inmates.

While Magnotta may pass his time making up these elaborate stories, those of us on the outside can rest assured that life is not anything like a Florida time share for this cold blooded killer.