In Waukesha, Wisconsin, friends Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier did everything together. They went to school together, they hung out together, and eventually, they would even attempt to kill together. Locked into a fantasy world where the character “Slender Man” reigned supreme, the girls’ imaginations slowly became out of control.


Slender Man is a fictional character who appears in a number of stories passed around the internet. This modern folklore character is described as an abnormally tall man with no distinctive facial features and often appears wearing a black suit. Most of the stories include the Slender Man kidnapping and tormenting people, particularly young children.

On May 30, 2014, Morgan invited her long-time friend Payton to have a sleepover with her and Anissa. Morgan had been friends with Payton (who typically went by “Bella”) since early primary school but had been drifting away and hanging out with her new friend, Anissa at lot more. The three girls got along pretty well. They were all considered misfits in school and tended to concerned themselves more with science fiction television shows than with boys and school dances.

The three girls acted out scenes from some of their favorite television shows and had breakfast before heading to a local park the morning after the sleepover. Payton walked ahead of the two other girls. It was then that Morgan showed Anissa the knife she had stolen from her kitchen during breakfast.

For months the two girls had fantasized about killing someone in order to offer them as a sacrifice to the Slender Man, and both were nervous that their days and weeks of planning and plotting had finally come. This wouldn’t be the first incident where the girls had acted out violently. Just weeks before the incident, the two girls had assaulted Payton in the school bathroom. It would appear that she had been willing to put all that past them now though, and proceeded to go along with their game of hide and seek.

Peyton went into the woods and the two girls followed behind her. The girls struggled to pin down Peyton and fought over who would hold the knife. Before Morgan had finally agreed to stab Peyton, Anissa barks to her, “Go kitty. Go ballistic, go crazy.” Morgan runs towards Peyton and says “Don’t be afraid, I’m only a little kitty cat.” before stabbing the girl 19 times.


The girls fled the scene, cleaning up in a local Walmart bathroom, before wandering around Waukesha for several hours. The police caught up with the girls and take them back to the station for questioning. Peyton was found bleeding and struggling to hang on for life as she crawled into the middle of a roadway and was found by someone on a bike ride through the park. She was able to tell police everything while she was waiting to be admitted to the hospital in order to be treated for the injuries she sustained.

The prosecution has since decided to try the girls as adults, with much public backlash. Many believe that the girls’ mental states are too fragile to enter into an adult prison system, and the fact that they are only 13-years-old further compounds the matter. Both Morgan and Anissa are facing 65 years in prison if convicted.