Retail owners are used to dealing with an occasional shoplifter or robber from time-to-time but when Lisa Stubblefield of Missouri went to open her boutique on July 8, 2017, she arrived to find her entire shop had been missing.


Stubblefield traveled to the Battlefield Mall to set up shop during their Food Truck Showdown. The Front Porch Boutique is a tiny house, which Stubblefield uses to transport her merchandise to various events. When Stubblefield heard that the Battlefield Mall had been located at the busiest intersection in Springfield, she thought not only would it be safe but that it was a perfect opportunity for advertisement and decided to leave the tiny home in the parking lot overnight.

The tiny boutique owner returned to the parking lot the following day to get set up for the event, but there was only one problem. Bandits had made off with the tiny home.

Surveillance footage was able to capture the culprits traveling west on Battlefield Road with the Front Porch Boutique unmistakenly hitched to their truck trailer. Stubblefield’s biggest leads, however, would come via Facebook.


After she realized that her tiny boutique had been stolen she posted a plea for the public’s help in returning the shop to its rightful owner. The post received over 5,000 shares and reports from dozens of witnesses claiming to have spotted it. The biggest of these leads would be from a woman in Pittsburgh, Kansas who told the shop owner that she noticed a tiny home parked in front of another home in her neighborhood. Stubblefield was shocked to see that it was her missing tiny boutique.

Stubblefield was reunited with her tiny boutique shortly after receiving the tip. “None of this would have happened, especially this quickly, if I hadn’t decided to get the word out on social media. They were so helpful,” Stubblefield told Inside Edition.

So far no arrests have been made, but both Springfield and Pittsburgh police are investigating the case.