The Torture of Junko Furuta

The Torture of Junko Furuta

Unfortunately, child abduction is nothing rare in many societies. Especially three decades ago, before the dawn of the 24-hour news cycle and Internet, a story involving a missing child would only rarely make it to the evening news. However, the story of Junko Furuta is quite different.

The 17-year old senior was walking home from Yashio-Minami High School on the afternoon of November 22, 1988 when she was approached by 7 boys roughly her age. They surrounded her and forced her back to a house where two of the boy’s family lived in Ayase, Adachi, in north-central Tokyo. There she endured 44 days of horror.

One of the first things they did was to make her call her parents and say that she was safe and staying with a friend. This would prolong the time they had to carry on their game of torture and abuse. Then the beatings and rape began. They forced her to masturbate while the boys watched. At least four of the boys took turns raping her, and she was raped up to 400 times a day. This went on for weeks.

The boys didn’t know Junko. They had no grudge against her. They did it simply because they wanted to and because they could. To them, this poor girl was nothing more than a toy for their sadistic psychopathy.

The atrocities they committed to this poor girl are difficult to image. They starved her – forcing her to eat cockroaches and drink her own urine. They poured hot wax on her face. The dropped heavy weights on her stomach and burned her with cigarettes. They stabbed her chest with sewing needles and stuck lit firecrackers inside her mouth, ears and anus to watch them explode. They burned her eyelids and face with a cigarette lighter. They shoved scalding light bulbs in her vagina and tore off one of her nipples with a pair of pliers.

The objects they inserted into her caused heavy bleeding and made it difficult for her to urinate properly. Her injuries were so severe that it took her over half an hour to crawl downstairs to use the lavatory to urinate. Her eardrums were also severely injured, probably due to fireworks going off in close proximity.

Amazingly, one of the boy’s parents were actually living in the house which this was all happening and knew about it, but they didn’t intervene. In fact Junko pleaded with them for help. Later, during the trial, they would claim that they were scared of the 17-year-olds and fear is the reason they did nothing to help her.

Despite being extremely weak due to starvation and and possibly suffering from broken bones and internal bleeding, Junko Furata made a heroic attempt to escape and almost reached a telephone. However one of the boys caught her before she could call for help. Junko would pay for this escape attempt dearly.

The boys hung Junko up like a punching bag and took turns beating her until blood was coming out of her mouth. Her organs were so badly damaged at this point that trying to drink water made her immediately vomit. Next they poured a flammable liquid on her arms and legs and set Junko on fire as punishment for trying to escape. They also inserted a bottle up her anus causing internal injuries.

Amazingly, Junko survived. But just a few days later they upped their game and used bamboo sticks and golf clubs to beat her. They used the weights to completely crush her hands after they tore off her fingernails. At this point Junko was begging them to just kill her.

On January 5, 1989 one of the boys got angry after losing a game of mah-jongg and decided to take his aggression out on his human punching bag. He attacked Junko with a barbell beat her torso until she bled from her mouth again. She went into convulsions, but the boys thought she was faking and lit her on fire again, then put it out.

Junko Furuta died a few hours later. Her death undoubtedly among the most painful individual deaths caused by human beings in the history of mankind.

To dispose of the body, the boys stuffed her in a 55-gallon drum and filled it with concrete. They left the drum at an empty factory lot in Koto, Tokyo, where it wouldn’t be found until over a year later.

When Junko’s mother was notified about how her daughter Junko spent her final days, she fainted and needed to be admitted for psychiatric treatment.

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  • fafline

    The justice system is appalling, a complete failure

  • Mankind

    those fuckers don’t deserve to live….

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