According to a report published by Bloomberg in May of 2015, senior citizen crimes are on the rise. Countries worldwide are seeing a sharp rise in crimes committed by perpetrators over 65-years old, particularly in European and Asian countries. Today we will take a look at five people who have earned the title as the world’s oldest known criminals.

Reginald Davies (arrested at age 78)


Compared to the rest of the people to make this list, Reginald Davies seems like a spring chicken at the ripe old age of 78. Since the end of the first World War Davies began a disturbing pattern of grooming and raping young girls. 63 years after committing his first heinous act against a child, Davies was finally apprehended. In 2012 Davies was sentenced to serve 11 years in prison after being convicted for 13 counts of rape, attempted rape, indecent assault and indecency with a child.

Victor Twartz (arrested at age 91)


Victor Twartz earned the title as “world’s oldest drug mule” after he was caught trying to smuggle 4.5 kilograms of cocaine disguised as bars of soap into a Sydney airport after traveling to New Delhi. Twartz’s lawyers claimed that he had been taken advantage of by people in India whom he had met online prior to making the trip. After a lengthy trial, Australian courts agreed to drop the charges against the retired oral surgeon, believing that he had been the victim of a scam and tricked into smuggling the illegal substance across international borders.

J.L. Hunter Rountree (arrested at age 92)


Though J.L. Hunter Rountree had been very successful in his younger years, eventually his wife passed away, depression took hold and his retirement savings were running dry. At the age of 82 he made the decision to turn to bank robbery, after bank loans forced him to file for bankruptcy.

For 10 years, Rountree would walk into banks, hand tellers with a simple note stating “robbery” and walk out with thousands of dollars. Though he had been caught three times, Rountree said he felt a certain amount of satisfaction after he robbed a bank. His last thrill would be in the the summer of 2003. After a short high-speed chase with police he was arrested and received a sentence of 12 years in prison. He died at the US Medical Center for Federal Prisoners on October 12, 2004.

Amanda Rice Stevenson (arrested at age 96)


In September of 2011, Amanda Rice Stevenson would become Florida’s oldest murderer after fatally shooting her nephew. Stevenson and her nephew, Johnny Rice, had a long history of problems and police had been called to the home a number of times for domestic disputes between the two. It is unclear what sparked Stevenson’s decision to shoot her nephew or where the gun came from, but Johnny’s wife came home to find his body. After pushing her way into the door, which Johnny’s body had been blocking, his wife walked in to find his aunt sitting in the back room and a handgun on the floor. Stevenson was arrested, but the charges against her were eventually dropped after it was proven that the elderly woman had been suffering from dementia.

Gaston John Pinsard (arrested at age 96)


Gaston John Pinsard became the oldest prisoner in the British Isles after his conviction for molesting two young girls during the 1950s and 1960s. Pinsard had been questioned by police about the attacks and later confessed. Pinsard claims that he had suffered from years of sexual and physical abuse himself at a Jersey children’s home and it wasn’t until he joined the Army that he realized his sexual curiosities differed from other young men his age. Pinsard has referred to himself as a “filthy devil” and claims that he had stopped touching the girls once he realized that what he was doing was inappropriate. The judge sentenced Pinshard to serve 18 months, taking the man’s age and health into consideration.