Killing a person is one of the most horrific crimes a human being can ever commit, and prison seems like the only solution for those who took one or even more lives, but, let’s be honest, prison can be boring. Sitting next to the same people, having nothing to do, looking at the same faces, hearing the same voices all day long can grow tiresome.

If you want confirmation, all you have to do is ask the killers below who are still alive but dangerous. Because all of them have tasted at least one tiny piece of liberty and they are not going to stop until they are fully free. At any cost.

The Psycho Shankar


On September 19, 2009, the Indian police authorities found M. Jayamani’s dead body. As a result, a manhunt was launched for the killer who had taken the police officer’s life on August 23, 2009, after he had raped her several times. On October 19, 2009, they arrested Jaishankar, a mysterious man who was also connected with several murders, rapes, and kidnappings.

After going to court, on March 18, 2011, the Psycho Shankar (as the Indian media nicknamed him), escaped during his transportation from Coimbatore to Dharmapuri, and the first unintended crime after his escape was a guard who took his own life over the incident. The prison worker guessed that after Psycho Shankar’s escape, all hell would break loose. He was right.

Jaishankar stayed out of prison for two months. Over that period, he is believed to have raped and killed six women, and he is said to have taken a man’s and a child’s life. However, an attempt to sexually assault a woman was the key-incident that led him to his resentence. In 2013, some days before his fourth year anniversary in prison, Jaishankar tried to break free again, but he hurt himself during his escape. Four days later, he was back in prison. We don’t know when he is getting out again –want to bet?

The Boy Who Killed His Parents


John McGrath has been considered to be one of the most wicked family members ever since in 1962 when he was 17 years old, when he killed his parents and his two siblings with a hunting rifle just because he believed “they were better off dead,” as he said.

He was found not guilty by reason of insanity and he spent ten years in the maximum security wing. In 1974, he was permitted walks on the grounds and he disappeared leaving no trace behind. If John McGrath is still alive he would be 72 years old. His case does get some media attention from time to time. Those news stories generate about a dozen leads a year, but none of them have ever lead to his capture.

The “Gypsy Hill” Murderer


On December 26, 1975, Rodney Halbower was released on bail waiting for his trial. He had raped a blackjack dealer in Nevada and he was not considered to be that dangerous to wait for his trial behind bars. The truth is that he was, because over the next five months Rodney Halbower raped and killed five women in San Francisco and one more in Reno.

When he got back to Nevada to stand trial he was given a life sentence for the first rape he had committed. Since he was locked up in a different state, the San Francisco cases went cold and they became known as the “Gypsy Hill Murders”. For the victim in Reno, a mentally ill woman, Cathy Woods, was accused because she lacked evidence suggesting she was innocent.

However, Halbower was not going to stay in prison for long. In June 1977 and during a softball game, he escaped to Michigan where he didn’t hesitate to kidnap his own daughter, and in 1986, he escaped with the help of another inmate. Some days later, he was found in Oregon where he was convicted of the attempted murder of a 23-year-old woman he had stabbed 19 times.

In 2013, Rodney Halbower was paroled for the first case of rape and he was sent to Oregon to serve his sentence. Unfortunately for him, he had a DNA sample taken which connected him with the six murders he had committed during his killing spree back in 1975. In 2015, he was charged with two of them.

Charles Thompson’s Brilliant Plan


In 1998, Charles Victor Thompson killed his girlfriend and got sentenced to death. After seven years of waiting for his penalty, he had an amazing idea: To escape from custody.

First, Charles Thompson smuggled civilian clothing into his cell to make sure that he wouldn’t look like an escaped fugitive after he got out. Second, he had to escape.

Although people believe that the only way to get out of a prison is by planning a mastermind scheme, or by tunneling through the ground, Thompson was more of a minimal-way-of-thinking guy. After a meeting with his lawyer, he changed into his civilian clothes and got out of his unlocked cell and simply walked towards the exit. At the front desk, a guard stopped him but Thompson flashed his inmate badge and let the prison worker know that he worked for the attorney general’s office. Without recognizing the badge, the guard let Thompson go.

Three days later, authorities rearrested Charles Victor Thompson who was found drunk in a liquor store. His passion for alcohol won his passion for freedom.