They came to fix the plumbing, instead, they came across a shocking discovery.

Plumbers were called to a property in Grimsby, Lincolnshire after homeowners ran into some problems with their toilet. The plumbers were able to remove the blockage; a decomposed baby wrapped in trash bags. Investigators would later learn that the homeowners’ daughter, Sinead Connett, had placed the child there three years earlier after concealing her pregnancy.


Initially, Connett told detectives that the child had been conceived when she was raped by a taxi driver after a night out. After reviewing text messages, that story quickly unraveled when they discovered she had been on holiday in London with her mother at the time she claimed she had been raped.

Connett later changed this story, claiming that she had hidden the pregnancy because she feared her partner would leave her if he learned they had conceived a child together. Connett admitted she panicked when she went into labor, but denies killing the child. Connett told police that the child had been stillborn.

After giving birth in her bathtub while her partner was in Turkey she says she quickly realized the baby was not breathing. She wrapped her son’s body up in a towel and placed him in the trunk of her car for two days before driving to her parents’ home in Grimsby, wrapping the child’s tiny body in trash bags and lowering him into a concealed drainage pit at the back of their garden. DNA tests later confirmed that the child had belonged to Connett and her partner, Jonathan Layfield.


At nearly the same time of Connett’s pregnancy, Layfield had been embroiled in a scandal of his own.

In 2014, Layfield, a teacher, had been accused of exchanging sexual emails with a 16-year-old female student. These emails would lead to Layfield’s indefinite dismissal from his teaching position after authorities concluded that he would “pose a risk to female students.” It is unclear whether or not Connett knew of the relationship between Layfield and the teenager at the time of her pregnancy, but when the baby’s body was discovered at her parents’ home in February 2016, a light would shine on the dark secrets they both had been hiding.

On October 2, 2017, Connett pleaded guilty to disposing of the infant’s body. A judge ordered her to 12 months in jail for her “callous and calculated” conduct.

As for Layfield, his inapproriate relationship with the female student has barred him from returning to teaching.