On July 15, 2017, 42-year-old Barbara Rogers phoned police in Pennsylvania and reported that she had shot and killed her boyfriend, 32-year-old Steven Mineo. It had appeared to have been a clear cut case of domestic homicide, but according to Rogers, she had killed Mineo at his own request.


Rogers explained to police that the couple had been involved with an online doomsday cult but had decided to go their separate ways. It was after the couple had decided to break away from the online group that Rogers says the harassment began. Mineo had allegedly been so desperate to break free from the group that he asked Rogers to kill him.

The alleged cult leader, Sherry Shriner, has denied the harassment allegations. The Daily Mail reports Shriner said in one Facebook post, “I warned (Stephen) she was a Super Soldier who would kill him and move on… but I’m the “false prophet”. Perhaps he finally figured her out..but it was too late for him. It wasn’t the “online cult” that killed him… they always try and paint me as a cult…nice try libtards.”



According to Shriner’s website, she first heard of the second coming of Jesus through studying Christian texts. She claims that after reading these texts at a young age she realized she “would be a warrior in the last days for the Most High God.” But it wouldn’t be until after college that she would learn her true purpose.

“I embarked on an intense research over the next 5 years into spiritual warfare, hell, demons, Satan, and continued into my favorite areas of end time events and last days prophecies. I studied the deception in the churches, UFOs, government black operations, the New World Order, and much, much more. I went into many different areas and began to learn that the faces of our government and military were much different from their backsides. At the same time, I started to research and learn about spiritual warfare, something the churches just seem to ignore. I learned about hell, and demons, and how to fight against these forces. I went to war against the general, and his forces assigned to me, and I haven’t seen them since. We have power in the Name of Jesus to cast demonic beings into the abyss, and once I learned that, it can became quite an easy task to just kick anything evil around me into the abyss.”

Since realizing this calling, Shriner has been active online, speaking her truth to anyone who would listen. Shriner currently runs her own online blog, writes books, maintains social media channels, and even hosts her own online radio show on Blog Talk Radio.

There have been no formal charges brought against Shriner or anyone else in her group.

Admitted shooter Barbara Rogers has been charged with criminal homicide. Though Rogers claims Shriner and her group had been the driving force behind the shooting, police told The Times Tribune there were many inconsistencies in Rogers’ statements. Rogers is currently being held in Monroe County Correctional Facility without bail.