Sword and Scale Episode 29

The term "bluebeard" conveys images of pirates sailing the high seas, but the actual meaning of this term is much darker and there are examples of it all around us. You see, a "bluebeard" is a man that murders his wife. The term is derived from a French folktale dating back to the 1600's, making this horrible idea not a new one. The fact that...

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Strangest Final Meal Requests

It is customary for inmates to be provided with a last meal request preceding their execution. The tradition began in Europe as a sort of peace offering between the inmate, the judge, and executioner. It is symbolic of the accused being forgiven for their past, and superstitiously believed to prevent the executed inmate’s ghost from returning to...

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Murder Incorporated

Murder is nothing new. Most murderers are amateurs while some, such as hitmen, are professionals. What you very seldom find is a group of hitmen, a dedicated gang of killers selling murder-for-hire as the enforcement arm of a national crime syndicate. ‘Murder Incorporated’ was exactly that. Within the underworld there was nothing like them...

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Sword and Scale Episode 28

Everyone thought Joshua Gouker was a dangerous criminal. It was easy to convict him of murdering his 14-year-old step son Trey Zwicker, especially after he suddenly changed his plea to guilty and confessed. But why would a hardened criminal mastermind, who had several friends and family members at his command and lying for him, suddenly confess at...

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The Original Sons of Anarchy

Unlike FX’s popular drama Sons of Anarchy, the early Norwegian black metal scene had very little to do with motorcycles, but it had everything to do with anarchy. This small group of bands, some still producing music today, included Mayhem, Bathory, Darkthrone, Emperor, Enslaved, Burzum, along with several other lesser-known groups. Often...

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Sword and Scale Episode 27

In this special two-parter, the brutal and inexplicable murder of a 14-year-old boy exposes a dysfunctional American family's secrets and lies.  This is the story of Trey Zwicker's murder, a young boy who did everything right but never really had a chance because he grew up in the wrong place, around the wrong people. This is also the story of...

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London’s Theater of Death

If you’ve ever been to London, chances are that you might have visited Hyde Park and, if you have, then you’ll probably have seen one of London’s most famous landmarks, Marble Arch. But it’s not the King of Norway’s gift to Queen Victoria (a gift, incidentally, that she hated) that we’re interested in. We’re interested in the small...

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Somerton Blues

Early one warm, December morning, around 6:30 to be more exact, the fog was stirring in the small town of Somerton, Adelaide, South Australia. It was the kind of summer morning Australians loved, usually. It was still early and the fog was milling around the jetty, embankment, and the boats docked in the harbor, thinking about lifting for the day....

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Sword and Scale Episode 26

This is one of the most under-reported murders in the history of the North American Continent. A mutilation that took hours and mind that was so disturbed it relished in the extreme violence inflicted on the deceased, this story exposes the obvious deficiencies in the extremely Liberal Canadian justice system, which even many natives don't even...

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Executions Gone Awry

According to a 2012 study published by the British Journal of American Legal Studies, 3% of all executions within the United States run into complications. It is partially due to these startling statistics that the death penalty remains a controversial issue for some. Death penalty advocates claim that even when a means of carrying out a death...

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