5 Disturbing and True Urban Legends

A true cornerstone of my childhood experience was sharing urban legends. Some of my fondest memories involve hot summer evenings spent with my friends, sitting around in a circle at the edge of my driveway, and exchanging various horrific stories that may or may not have been true. These stories were often handed down from older brothers, sisters,...

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The Cannibal of Rothenburg

Cannibalism has had a long, sordid history.  In our western culture it is practically unheard of, except in cases of severe famine – like the tragic experience of the Donner Party. Other cultures – such as the Korowai, participate in cannibalism as part of their religious sacraments. It is not often that we hear of someone eating another...

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Sword and Scale Episode 23

What could be more horrifying, terrible, and heart-breaking than a mother intentionally taking the life of her own child.  The fact that there's even a work in the English language that describes it it shocking in itself.  The word is filicide and, even though you may have never heard of it, there are too many cases to cover in just one episode...

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Hungry Like the Wolf

Driving the dark streets on my way to work, a country road not unlike the road Diane had been on just hours earlier, the radio was playing. Passing the lake, my ’69 Malibu roaring towards the distant lights of Eugene, I listened in growing incredulity to the news. It was unfathomable that this story was unfolding in the very town in which I...

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Law and Disorder in Jennings

Once known as “the Cradle of Louisianan Oil”, the little central Louisianan town of Jennings is a place where everyone knows your name.  On the surface, this suburban sprawl nestled on the outskirts of Cajun country; with its historic buildings, peppered with modernized shopping plazas, sandwiched between residential neighborhoods, could...

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He Loved His ATM Too Much and Cheated With a Picnic Table

Some people love their automated teller machine for the way it sexily dispenses twenty-dollar bills. Others love their favorite ATM because it’s always there for them 24/7. Lonnie J. Hutton loved his in a way that can only be described as unnatural … and illegal. Patrons at The Boro Bar & Grille in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, were enjoying...

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Sword and Scale Episode 22

A family divided, a hungry media looking for answers, and an inept police department looking for answers to explain and more importantly prove the inexplicable spur-of-the moment actions by a father of two young boys, sets a community in turmoil.  Soon, the entire nation is wrapped up in the "what if's" that emerge from the web of lies and...

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Top 5 Most Shocking Fast Food Crimes

In the wake of the recent viral video showing a McDonald's employee savagely beating a helpless woman while her toddler watches and even pointlessly tries to defend his mother by kicking the attacker. From what we know of the story so far, the altercation started at the McDonald's restaurant located near the attack. This made me wonder just how...

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The Rayleigh Bath Chair Murder

On July 23, 1943 occurred one of the most bizarre and spectacular murders in British criminal history. Archibald Brown was a bitter, bullying, tyrannical, violent man who spent years ruling his family with a rod of iron. Even after a serious motorcycle accident left him permanently confined to a wheelchair his temperament remained as unpleasant...

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He Was The Only Friend I Didn’t Kill

Even before his first murder, supposedly at the age of 14, Richard Kuklinski was no stranger to violence. Born into a household riddled with abuse, he was beaten on a nearly daily basis. His brothers didn't fare much better, with one brother dying of his injuries at the age of 10. Authorities were told the boy had fallen down the stairs, but...

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