Murder at the North Pole?

Well, we’ll probably never know and that’s what makes this case so interesting. A distinguished Professor, two Inuit helpers, the first successful expedition to the North Pole and Admiral Robert Peary, one of America’s most famous explorers. Throw in the frozen wasteland of the Arctic Circle and that the murder (if it was a murder) occurred...

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Deliberate Plane Crashes

If there wasn't enough reason to fear flying, the recent incident involving the Germanwings airliner introduces a new fear into the public psyche – deliberate plane crashes. However, we can breathe easy knowing that the occurrence of suicidal pilots intentionally crashing planes is incredibly rare. A study conducted by the FAA reports that out...

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Sword and Scale Episode 45

In this first part of a two-part story, we examine the Carnation Murders. This slaughtering of an entire family, by a seriously deranged couple, took place in 2007 in Carnation, Washington, a small rural town 25 miles east of Seattle. This story is told through the words of the man behind the trigger, as he's tries to make excuses and barter for...

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The Last Execution At The Tower Of London

The Tower of London, nowadays a popular tourist destination. Once also a prison, defensive fortress, a crime scene (if you believe, as I do, that the ‘Princes in the Tower’ were murdered here) and also the site of a number of execution. Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey (who was the shortest-reigning Queen in British history, in office for only nine...

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The Story Behind The True Detective

HBO's fictional crime drama, The True Detective, is a gripping series that explores the fight between good and evil. Fans of the HBO hit series True Detective are reeling in anticipation for season 2, and for good reason. The show follows the career of two vice cops, played by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, as they unravel a case...

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A Glimpse at Murderabilia

How would you like to own a jar of dirt from Ed Gein's grave, cards and letters written by serial killer Arlene Wuornos, or a drawing by Charles Manson? Murderabilia isn't for everyone and it certainly hasn't gone without serious debate on the ethics of selling these items. In spite of efforts from lawmakers and websites such as Ebay to thwart...

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The 4Chan Murder Suspect

The anonymous image sharing board 4chan has long held the reputation as a place where anything goes on the internet. Information flows quickly and everything from cat memes, gore, and pornography is shared. It is not uncommon, due to the anonymous nature of the service, for members to sometimes make shocking confessions. Hackers shared and bragged...

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Pennsylvania’s Phantom Dynamiter

Meet Paul Poluszynski, alias ‘Paul Jawarski’, known throughout Pennsylvania as ‘The Phantom.’ Before the end of his extremely violent (and, some might say, mercifully brief) criminal career he claimed to have killed twenty-six people including four police officers and a payroll security guard. His gang, the ‘Flatheads’, also committed...

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Cancer Scams

According to the CDC, nearly 14million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer annually. Of those 14million, 8million people will die. This catastrophic disease has taken the lives of so many, and the chances of personally being effected by cancer makes it easy to empathize with others going through it. So often we hear these heart wrenching...

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Sword and Scale Episode 44

We live in a world where pregnant women have to fear going about their daily lives as they normally would because of the very real possibility that the unthinkable could happen to them at any time. It did to Michelle Wilkins, a mom who was trying to get some inexpensive baby clothes for her unborn daughter Aurora. Instead, what she got was a...

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