Stealing Art: It’s Not Like In the Movies

In spite of the image created by Hollywood, most art theft isn’t perpetrated by a suave and sophisticated criminal whose taste runs to the great masters. To the contrary, those involved are simply opportunists drawn to museums and collections by easy access to soft targets, the very high value, and the stolen art’s ease of movement and...

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New Hampshire’s Haunting 30-Year-Old Mystery

It was 30 years ago that hunters went into the woods near the Bear Brook Gardens Trailer Park in Allentown, NH and stumbled upon more than they had bargained for. Haphazardly stuffed inside of a 55-gallon steel drum was the body of a woman between the ages of 23 and 32 along with a young girl, believed to have been around the age of 10. The...

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Louisiana’s Only Female Electrocution

This photo was taken in the death cell, only hours before her electrocution. Toni Jo Henry or, to use her proper name, Annie Beatrice McQuiston, holds a singular place in the criminal history of the State of Louisiana. Not even fellow Louisiana murderess Louise Peete possesses quite so individual a niche as Toni Jo. They were both from...

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LA’s “Little Houses” of Crime

The Spanish word casitas translates as “little houses.” In Puerto Rico, casitas are community clubhouses surrounded by gardens, where men and women gather on Friday nights. In Mexico, the word is often used to describe a person’s home as a sort of retreat from the pressures of the day. But in troubled areas, just ten miles south of...

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5 States You’re Most Likely to Encounter a Serial Killer

It's hard to imagine yourself or a loved one becoming a victim of a serial killer. While it's uncertain exactly how many serial murderers are operating within the United States at any given time, the state in which you live may increase your likelihood of encountering one. Listed below are five states with the most incidents of serial murder based...

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The Demon Tailor

Throughout history, many heinous crimes have been committed by many evil, troubled men and women. Some of the stories have survived through the centuries while others have been all but forgotten and left behind. The story of the Demon Tailor, also known as the Werewolf of Chalons, is one such case. Historically, people believed in a thing known as...

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These Killers Have Escaped From Custody

Killing a person is one of the most horrific crimes a human being can ever commit, and prison seems like the only solution for those who took one or even more lives, but, let’s be honest, prison can be boring. Sitting next to the same people, having nothing to do, looking at the same faces, hearing the same voices all day long can grow...

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Inventor of the One Way Ride

'Hymie Weiss, inventor of the 'one way ride.' Prohibition and America’s ‘Crime Wave’ of the early 1930’s produced many ruthless, violent gangsters who thought nothing of inflicting violence, brutality and sudden death. Bombings, shootings, armed robberies, kidnappings and murder weren’t crimes to men like Hymie Weiss, they were...

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Tinsel Town’s First Murder

William Desmond Taylor A silent film actor turned film producer is found dead in his Los Angeles bungalow. Police arrive on the scene to find the home filled with major Hollywood starlets and executives of the era rummaging through the famous producer's personal items. The producer, William Desmond Taylor, is found lying on his stomach with...

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The Friday the 13th Paris Attacks

Diners were out sharing drinks and world class cuisine with friends, others were out catching a concert at the Bataclan concert venue, and sports fans were cheering on their country's team at the football match. It was just another Friday night in la Ville Lumière. But it wouldn't be long before friends and tourists sharing laughs and fond...

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