The Peculiar Death of Willie Francis

Willie on Death Row. Note the calendar. Here’s another strange but true case, this one courtesy of the State of Louisiana. It was on May 9, 1947 that a 17-year old black teenager walked his last mile. But not for the first time. As he took his final fifty steps from his cell to the courthouse where he’d been convicted of murder two...

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The Link Between Smartphones and Sex Crimes

A study conducted by The Pew Foundation reports that 73% of teens own smartphones. Whether it's due to safety concerns or simply a means for teenagers to keep up with their friends, more and more parents are allowing their children to have smartphones. While some parents may see this as a means of widening the safety net, so to speak, by...

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The Tragic Story Behind The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The Exorcism of Emily Rose. For those who have not seen the film, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, it's basically a courtroom melodrama with a bit of a scary twist. The film is centered around Emily, a 19-year-old who decided to leave her extremely religious family for the first time and embark on a college career. While at college Emily begins to...

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Serial Killer Survivors

When we hear about the victims of serial killers, their stories may vary, but more often than not they involve tragic and grotesque tale of cold blooded murder. It is not every day that we hear the stories of the survivors, the lucky ones that managed to get away. Today we'll hear the accounts of five very lucky people who managed to beat the odds...

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Depression Desperado and Gentleman Bandit

Ray Hamilton on Death Row. Ray Hamilton, thief, armed robber, kidnapper, escape artist, murderer. He worked with Clyde Barrow as part of the infamous ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ Gang before his out-sized ego caused him to strike out on his own. By his execution in May, 1935 (at the tender age of 22) he’d racked up no less than 362 years of...

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Sword and Scale Episode 48

In Episode 48 we revisit many of the stories we've previously covered on Sword and Scale and fill you in on what has happened with in each case. We start with alleged theater shooter Curtis Reeves who is accused of shooting and killing Chad Oulson after a disagreement about texting during the previews of a movie. We then move on to the story of...

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The Pennsylvania Trigger Woman

Irene Schroeder and Glenn Dague We’re back in Pennsylvania for our latest criminal curiosity. Irene Schroeder, AKA ‘Trigger Woman’, ‘The Blonde Bandit’, ‘Tiger Woman’ and ‘Iron Irene’, was the first woman to be electrocuted in Pennsylvania. Executioner Robert Elliott said that, of all the 387 convicts he executed, that she...

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Social Media Confessions

Sociopathic killers are often proud of their crimes. They collect mementos, they may brag about it to their friends, but above all they want to be caught. They want the media spotlight and the attention that comes along with being a horrific monster. Naturally it would make sense, in that aspect, why killers like the Zodiac Killer and BTK would...

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The Murder and Torture of Kelly Anne Bates

As many as 1 in 3 of the women that are murdered each year is by the hands of a current or former lover. At a glance, the murder of Kelly Anne Bates may seem to be just another sad statistic. A young girl was charmed by her much older partner, hid the abuse from her friends and family, until one day things were taken too far and her abuser took...

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Unknown Serial Killers

Everyone has heard the stories of killers like Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy, but those infamous names aren’t the only ones in the serial killer realm. In fact, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of other serial killers that have struck throughout history. Many have never even been named or caught because of the nature of their...

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