The Murderous Past of the Canterbury Cathedral

“Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?!” – A remark allegedly uttered by England’s King Henry II, said to have unwittingly incited the murder of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury. Canterbury Cathedral is probably one of England’s most well-known and popular historic buildings. Still the base the Church of England even today,...

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The Disappearance of Lexy Stacy

A photo of Lexy Stacy, who her parents believe was kidnapped by a wanted fugitive. Lexy Stacy was a typical 21-year-old woman before she disappeared in the summer of 2015. She's been described as a homebody who enjoyed nights in with her parents. She cherished her family and their time together, often going on fishing trips with her father....

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The “Bad Girls” Murder

Eugene Gorenman On March 29, 2004, the body of Eugene Gorenman, a 26-year-old Russian immigrant, was found on a walking path near a gun battery at San Francisco’s Fort Funston National Park. He had been robbed and shot in the head. The victim’s silver Mustang had been abandoned in the Bayview neighborhood. And police determined that his...

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Mexico’s Notorious “Old Lady Killer”

La Mataviejitas ("The Old Lady Killer") was a Mexican professional wrestler, and sadly the nickname did not indicate a particular prowess with women. No, Juana Barraza was female herself – a very prolific murderer -- and the number of her victims is estimated to be anywhere from 24 to 49. Barraza was born in 1957 on New Years Eve in the...

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The Taming of the Wild Frontier

Tom Horn days before his execution. US Army Scout, Lawman, Pinkerton agent, cowboy, rancher, and hitman. Such was the career trajectory of Tom Horn. Immortalised in Wild West history and by Steve McQueen in one of his later (and better) performances, Tom Horn might have lived considerably longer and possibly never faced the hangman if he’d...

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5 Prison Escapees Who are Still on the Run

Prisons are home to the most notorious scourges of society. They're cold, bleak and uncomfortable places, and it should not be too terribly surprising that many of those who are sentenced to live out their days in this environment often make plans to escape. Most are unsuccessful, and even those who are successful are often apprehended and taken...

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Sword and Scale Episode 59

When many of us think of true-crime, we think of cops and killers, detectives and victims. We even spend a great deal of time examining medical forensics and human decomposition. Rarely do we shift our focus to the paramedics who work tirelessly every day and night, sometimes at great personal risk to themselves, to save the lives of victims of...

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Eight Decades In Prison, Oldest On U.S. Death Row

When he died in February of 2010, Viva Leroy Nash was the oldest American on death row. And he had spent almost 80 years of his life behind bars. At the time of his death of natural causes, Arizona state attorneys were still trying to appeal a federal ruling that he might not be competent enough to be executed. Nash’s defense team had...

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More Botched Executions

Eddie Ives One of the most bizarre execution stories involves the colorful Eddie Ives, who sustained himself financially as both a barber and burglar. Convicted of killing a Denver cop in 1928, Ives kept delaying his date with the gallows by playing insane. He would dip his food in the toilet and babble incoherently. When that failed, he...

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Laws You’ve Probably Broken

Sure, there's a lot of us who break minor laws all the time. We're running late for an appointment so we choose to drive over the speed limit, or maybe we're being impatient that day and don't want to wait for the “Walk” signal before we cross the street. Then there's those of us who can't wait to hit that reply button and shoot off a text as...

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