Forgotten Crimes

It’s shocking enough that over 3 million violent crimes go unreported every year, but the real shock comes in the fact that there are a lot of crimes that people don’t know about despite their size or sheer intensity. Crime happens all the time; 24 hours a day, seven days a week, criminals are out committing all kinds of acts, from the...

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Unit 731

Most of us are aware of the bizarre and cruel human experimentation projects performed by Germany's infamous Josef Mengele, and those that are regular readers may even be aware of the Soviets' involvement in similar experiments headed by Professor Grigory Mairinovsky, but Russia and Germany weren't the only Axis powers interested in human test...

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Satanic Panic

The “Satanic Panic” that swept over the media through late 1970s into the early 1990s commonly refers to the belief that satanic cults were responsible for a smorgasbord of serious crimes including the ritualistic sexual abuse of children, distribution of child pornography, murder, kidnapping, grave robbery, vandalism, and the torture of...

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Sword and Scale Episode 43

When Rodney Reed turned himself in to Bastrop Police, on what he though was a gun charge, little did he know he would be spending the next 17 years on Death Row for a crime he did not commit. However, that seems to be exactly what happened. He was charged, convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Stacey Stites who he was having an affair...

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Haunting Photographs Taken By Murderers

It is not uncommon to hear of murderers collecting trophies from their victims. Psychologists theorize that this phenomena is likely because killers like to prolong the thrill of their exploits. By taking a small memento to remind them of the crime they are able to relive that fantasy again and again. For murderers these souvenirs are indicative...

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The Serial Stowaway

Since the 9/11 attacks it has been widely publicized how airport security has increased. Airline customers are required to remove their shoes and willingly submit to pat down procedures, proper identification is now mandatory at various checkpoints throughout the airport, items that were previously allowed on-board are now considered restricted...

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Sword and Scale Episode 42

The idea of ultimate justice is appealing to those of us who have strong empathy for victims in vicious and unspeakable crimes. However, the cost of implementing such an unyielding and unrepairable finality as taking someone's life, is that from time to time we'll make a mistake and get it wrong. The end result of a mistake like this is the...

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Famous Last Words

Death Row is the end of the line for serious criminal offenders. Some of the most well-known serial killers, murderers, and other criminals have found themselves here through the years, where they’re often forgotten and left behind for the next big story. Of course, it doesn’t end with a death sentence. Many of these convicted criminals tell a...

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The Black Knight

Katherine Price Katherine Knight, later dubbed "The Black Knight", was well known as the town psychopath. Her violent temper and erratic behavior often sent her lovers fleeing for their lives. It wasn't usual for her to have a cooling off period, and many times the men she tormented would return to her, only for her to unleash her special...

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In 1828 the Scottish city of Edinburgh became home to a reign of terror that sealed its place in criminal history. Two men, William Burke and William Hare, murdered 16 people in approximately ten months, selling their corpses to distinguished surgeon and anatomist Dr. Robert Knox. But why? What use is a dead body and why were fresh corpses, devoid...

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