A Country of Crooks

If the average person was asked to find the Dominion of Melchizedek on a map, chances are that they would have no clue where it was located. No, they didn’t fall asleep in class during geography class that day; the reason no one could find it is because the Dominion of Melchizedek doesn’t exist, at least not officially. The Taongi Atoll,...

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Agent Zigzag

"Really, do I look like a criminal to you..?" Look at the photo. Ask yourself what you think. Dashing? Handsome? A gentleman? Wealthy and successful? Eddie Chapman was all these things. He was also an army deserter, career criminal, safecracker, con artist, thief, triple agent and, in all fairness, one of Britain’s most unlikely heroes. He was...

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Sword and Scale Episode 35

What happens when you run out of luck? You lose your job, your marriage, your home, your arms and legs, the respect of your parents, and your will to live, what happens then? If you've ever lived on planet Earth, then the answer is obvious, this is where desperation takes over and horrible things happen. This week we present the sad story of...

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The World’s Greatest Bank Heist That Never Happened

March 18th, 2003. Just hours before former President George W. Bush dropped the first bombs over Baghdad; shamed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein called a meeting among some of his closest confidants, including his own son – Qusay Hussein. Hussein had word that the US military was en route to Iraq with a direct order for his capture. Knowing that any...

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Masters of The Noose

November 26, 1940, Bedford Prison, England, 8am. Two experienced executioners, Thomas Pierrepoint and his nephew Albert, walk into the condemned cell and collect the comatose William Cooper, only five feet five inches tall and weighing only 136 pounds, from his cell and strap his arms behind his back. This done, they carry him the few steps...

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The Paris Terror Attacks

On January 7, 2015 two masked and heavily armed terrorists attacked the Paris offices of satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo (Weekly Charlie). Using two AK47 Kalashnikov assault rifles, a shotgun and an RPG rocket launcher, they left behind them a total of twelve dead and eleven wounded in what is the single worst terrorist atrocity in France...

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Sword and Scale Episode 34

Probably the most horrific murder publicly accessible though a variety of social media, the death of Jun Lee was a public execution for all to see. The culprit was a narcissistic psychopath named Luka Magnotta, and the terror he would unleash upon the world would reach out like evil tentacles across nations, cultures, and ages through the...

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Blood On The Tracks

It was just after 10pm on July 9, 1864 that Alfred Eakin was driving a train towards Fenchurch Street Station when he saw 69-year old city banker Thomas Briggs lying beside the tracks. Eakin stopped his train and checked to see if Briggs was still alive and moved him to the nearest safe place, the ‘Mitford Castle’ pub (nowadays named the...

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5 Most Notorious Gangs in the U.S.

Across the nation violence and bloodshed fill the streets. Gang wars level city blocks, and leave residents terrified to leave their homes. Although efforts have been made to combat them, these equally terrifying and mysterious groups have come to infiltrated cities across the United States. Who are these groups, and how did they rise to power? I...

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Sword and Scale Episode 33

One of the more bizarre stories of our lifetime, the story of Luka Magnotta is wrought with remorseful refrains and awkward pauses. This is a man, who was so narcissistic that there would be nothing to stand between him and what he wanted in life... fame.  Had he been "normal" his goals might have been awe-inspiring, but Luka was the worst type...

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