Holiday Bizarre

It’s that time of year again. Mistletoe, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, stockings hung from the chimney with care, peace on Earth, and goodwill towards our fellow man. The Christmas season is a stressful, yet joyous time for most of us. Once the strain of tracking down presents, Christmas pageants, visits with Santa, never-ending cookie...

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Bringing Down Pedophiles

For most of us, sexual and physical abuses to children are some of the worst of the worst crimes a person could commit. Even within the prison system, those that commit offenses against children are considered the lowest class of inmate, and are often forced into segregation to avoid conflict with other prisoners. Many parents live in fear that...

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Sword and Scale Episode 32

In this season finale of Sword and Scale, we bring back many of the guests we've spoken to over the last year and ask them a fundamental question that relates to the nature of crime: "Is humanity inherently good or evil?"  The answer comes from many different perspectives. They are victims, convicts, authors, podcasters, psychologists and...

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Stalin’s Mengele

Isaiah ‘Cy’ Oggins was an American working undercover as a Soviet secret agent during the 1930’s, at the height of Stalin’s purges.. After having been recruited in his native United States he and his wife moved to Europe, working as secret agents in France and Germany before ‘Cy’ struck out alone to work out of Shanghai. While in...

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The Collar-Bomb Bank Robbery

Brian Wells, a 46 year old pizza delivery man, casually walked into an Erie, PA bank in the afternoon of August 28th, 2003. Carrying a homemade shotgun fashioned into a cane, Wells ordered the bank tellers to open the vaults and hand over $250,000 . Unable to open the vaults, Wells ended up leaving with less than $9,000 in cash. Officers...

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Sword and Scale Episode 31

There are 2.2 million schizophrenics in the United States. You have a one in a hundred chance of encountering one on any given day, and when you do hopefully that isn't the day when the voices in their head are telling them to kill you. This week we tell you the story of three people who were minding their own business, going about their day...

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The World’s Most Notorious Slot Cheat

Millions of dollars are lost to scammers looking to cheat the system and get rich quick at Las Vegas casinos annually, but few have been as successful as Dennis Nikrasch. Using sophisticated methods to rig slot machines, Nikrasch and his cohorts managed to cheat some of Vegas’ most renowned casinos out of a speculated $16 million dollars in...

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The Thanksgiving Killer

Thanksgiving Day 2009 began just like most of ours for Paul Merhige and his family. Sixteen family and friends of theirs had gathered at his cousin’s upscale home in Jupiter, FL.  The family laughed and told stories, his cousin’s daughter – 6yr old Makayla Sutton, performed songs from an upcoming school recital, and enjoyed their meal...

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Marty Frankel’s Decade of Fraud

Fast talking and eccentric financier Martin Frankel may have been responsible for one of the strangest Ponzi schemes in recent history, but he was hardly the most intelligent fraudster; in fact, he wasn’t even a financier. How did this man, with his Woody Allen mannerisms, that failed out of college, and lived at his parents’ home well into...

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Sword and Scale Episode 30

The story of Herman Webster Mudgett, otherwise known as H.H. Holmes, has been told numerous times: a brilliant man with so much potential but so inherently evil that his actions would require new words be created to describe the monster that he was. The depravity of someone who would construct a building solely for the purpose of torture, murder,...

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Sword and Scale covers the underworld of criminal activity and the demented minds that perform the most despicable and unthinkable actions.

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