Sword and Scale Episode 39

Some things are hard to fathom, like why a young boy with his entire life ahead of him would choose to destroy it by an act of unspeakable violence towards the people that love and care for him most in the world: his parents. Yet, time after time, we see these angst ridden youth lose control of their developing minds and act out in a way that...

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Pranks that Went (Fatally) Wrong

Pranks and practical jokes are a long held rite of passage for high school and college students. While these acts are at times criminal in nature, the toilet paper draping from the trees and the window paint on the victims’ cars are often overlooked without criminal prosecution. Pranksters sometimes consider being charged with vandalism as a...

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The Prison Houdini

Mark DeFriest, nicknamed "The Prison Houdini", has been described as a man with an incredibly high IQ but displays a lack of mental competency. Earning his nickname from his 13 escape attempts, seven of which were successful, DeFriest’s story is beginning to gain some notoriety due to the efforts of an independent film maker. DeFriest’s...

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Should Anti-Vaxx Parents Face Legal Repercussions?

Parents having the right to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children has been a heated debate topic as of late. Most of us are aware of the potential hazards and dangerous implications that could occur as a result of not receiving vaccinations, but that doesn't stop some people from refusing to vaccinate their children and subscribing to...

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Sword and Scale Episode 38

In 2013 an independent documentary began making its way through various film festivals. It was received with harsh criticism, outrage and even death threats by various groups, each of which was repulsed by the subject matter and the way it was presented. The name of this film was Are All Men Pedophiles? and once we heard about it we knew we had to...

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Love Gone Wrong

Love is an exciting and daunting journey most people experience at some point during their lives. It could be argued that one of the most potent, and sometimes volatile forms of love is the one shared by a couple. The bonds between two people are often tested, filled with happiness and joy, alongside trials and tribulations. But sometimes, love...

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Lonely Hearts Killers List

With the help of modern technology, we live in a digital age where meeting new people is just a click away. Online dating opportunities are everywhere, ranging from casual hookup sites like Tinder, to obscure niche sites like FarmersMeet. We tend to feel safe behind the protection of our computer screen. The very nature of the internet provides...

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Together At Last

Four Idaho children have been reunited, in heaven that is, after a drowning accident claimed the life of one sibling and the other three were murdered at the hands of their father. Following an unfortunate drowning accident in a local irrigation ditch that claimed the life of 22-month-old Ian Michael Nice in May 2004, parents Leslie Olsen and Jim...

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Sword and Scale Episode 37

We finally have the pleasure of speaking to Diane Fanning, author of 13 true crime books and counting. She tells us the tragic story of Wesley and Jocelyn Earnest, a tale that serves as a fable to any young woman who has recently been separated from her spouse. This couple had such a good life ahead of them, but somehow it all fell apart due to...

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Bank Robbery Is A Family Affair

Scott Catt was a typical US dad. He encouraged his two teenage children, Hayden and Abby to follow their dreams and the value of hard work. He often took his children on family vacations, and cooked dinner for them every night. Scott worked during the day as a structural engineer and often spent his off hours attending his children’s swim meets....

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