Halloween is over, shuffling in a flurry of winter holidays, shopping and endless cookie trays. With that said, we have two last Halloween stories to wrap it up for the year before me make the shift to psycho Santas, scheming elves and maybe a few lighthearted turkey tales.

The trouble began on October 30th , 2016 in San Antonio, Texas. A man and a group of his friends decided to crash a Halloween party at 5am. Several people attempted to order the man and his friends to leave the party, but the situation quickly escalated.

Dressed as Freddy Krueger, the man opened fire on what partygoers were still lingering at the wee hours of that Sunday morning. Five people were shot during the altercation, including four males and one female.


Three of the men were transported to a local hospital, while the woman attempted to drive herself to the hospital and crashed her car. All of the victims survived that night, but it was certainly a Halloween party they won’t soon forget.

The perpetrator has not been apprehended, but several people attending the party were able to capture footage of the incident on Snapchat. Authorities are still uncertain what motivated the attack, but believe that alcohol was a factor. Anyone with more information is urged to contact the San Antonio Police.

A shooting at another Halloween party, this time in New York, proved to be much more tragic.

An argument between two men at a DJ booth quickly escalated over the weekend. Suddenly the lights when out and gunshots began to ring out. Two women were shot and killed during the altercation, identified as high school senior Rhonda Valentine-Free and cheerleading coach Tabitha Cruz. Five other people were also wounded in the shooting.


Police have since apprehended two suspects involved in the case. Rainier Hamilton and Tyson Oliveria have not been charged with the shooting, but are both being held for criminal possession of a weapon and tampering with evidence. Police say they don’t believe the two men committed the shooting, but had assisted the shooter, who immediately fled the scene. Anyone with more information is urged to contact the Newburgh Police Department.

That wraps up our Halloween coverage for this year as we prepare for the other holidays ahead. Stay safe out there, folks!