Who said that mommy is the person you will always love no matter what? Who said that daddy is the one you will always remember for the cookies he used to bring back home? Who said that children’s affection to their parents is an unconditional bond, tied in love and caring that never breaks. Rumors friends, rumors.

Now you have the chance to read five cases of children who showed no respect to nature and decided to terminate the lives of their own creators, and, as a matter of fact, they had quite some fun watching the people who brought them to life suffering. Because these children happily killed their parents.

Mommy, I Kill Thee


Daniel Bartlam hated the fact that his parents had decided to have a divorce and, as a nine-year-old boy, the news shocked him leaving him no other choice but to become a total paranoid teenager who, five years later, would kill his own mother. Typical “after parents’ separation” condition. Not.

Following his parents’ divorce, Daniel became violent and distant while his obsession with horror movies kept getting bigger and bigger. In addition, the British young man saw writing as his only escape from his “miserable” life, but his stories were too dark to read and too bloodstained to narrate to his mother.  Later, his stepfather, Simon Matters, told, during an interview, that Daniel had written a story about killing his own mother with a hammer –and guess what? He did. Ah, teenagers.

In 2011, Easter Sunday, Daniel Bartlam sneaked into his mother’s room and killed her smashing her head in with a claw hammer. In an attempt to leave no evidence behind, he took her body, covered it with paper, and lit it using gasoline. Today, Daniel Bartlam writes stories in prison and, hopefully, he will never get out to make them “based on real life events” ones.

Money 1 – 0 Parents


Oh, come on! Who needs parents when you have a ton of money to spend and live the big life? Who wants a couple of old people in their lives telling them what to do, what to say, how to stand? Maybe the rest of us do, but for Brian Blackwell things were a little different. Because he was not fine.

Brian was an 18-year-old college student from England living the big life as one of the richest and most popular people in his school. Having the dream to become one of the world’s best surgeons, he was a good student, a professional tennis player, and a charmer, just like all socialites are supposed to be. However, there was a tiny little problem: Brian Blackwell was neither rich nor a professional tennis player. He was just a narcissist.

The English young man, who was letter diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, had created a story in his mind that he had to follow to the letter. To make the illusion of being a wealthy man look more realistic, he applied for 13 credit cards and loans using his father’s name and nothing was strong enough to ruin his dreams and get back to living like the middle-class person he really was. When his parents found out what he had done he denied everything and hit them with a claw hammer. To finish his work, he stabbed both of them to death. Sydney and Jacqueline Blackwell died on July 25, 2004.

Desperately needing a drink, just like every elite member after a rough day, he took his girlfriend to New York and Barbados, but some days later, he was located. When Brian got arrested, he initially denied any involvement but, after he confessed, he said that he could not believe that his parents died so easily. Good point, son! Brian Blackwell is serving life in prison where he actually has to work to make money.

 The Worst Son Ever.


David Brom was not a good boy. “Why?” you may ask. “Because he murdered his whole family without even having a motive,” we would reply.

Living in Minnesota for his whole life, 16-year-old David was a genial teenager and had shown no sign of psychotic tendencies until a cold night on February 18, 1988, when he killed his whole family with an axe. What makes the killing of the Brom family one of the most shocking cases of children murderers, is the fact that David appeared to have no motive at all and evidence indicated that he may had killed his father, his mother, and his siblings because of an argument he had with his dad about a punk rock tape he had purchased. Punk may not be dead, but his family was.

The next day, David Brom followed his everyday routine: He went to school, he told to one of his classmates what he had done, he showed no regrets, and the only thing that looked different on him was his hair which he had dyed black and had styled as a rock star. David tried as an adult and he is serving three life sentences. We still don’t know what turned him into a monster.

The Daughter Out Of Law


Stacey Lannert was not a monster. She was not a cold blooded killer. She was not a criminal mind. She was not crazy, but a desperate 18-year-old girl. Stacey Lannert was not a monster. She just killed one.

Growing up with an abusive father is never easy. Tom Lannert, however, was more than that since all he ever cared about was making his daughters’ lives a living Hell. When Stacey was in the third grade, Tom began abusing her sexually and she was not going to tell anyone about it because she had sworn secrecy to her father. When everything started feeling wrong, Stacey started avoiding Tom leaving him no other choice but to start abusing her little sister, Christy. When their mother, Deborah, left them for another man, Tom was alone with his girls and he was free to do whatever he wanted with them. In her senior year, Stacey dropped out of school and moved in with her mother leaving her younger sister behind. Feeling guilty, she got back home.

The two girls wanted to save their favorite puppy because they believed that their father would kill it and they decided to sneak into his house. A house that Stacey Lannert dreamed of inheriting when she would get her father out of the picture. While Tom Lannert was asleep, Stacey shot him in the head.

The next day she returned back home with a friend to make it look like a burglar, but she was given away by another friend of hers who was assigned with a simple task: to get rid of the rifle she used to kill Tom. In late 1992, Stacey Lannert was convicted of first-degree murder and received the mandatory sentence of life in prison. In 2009, she was released since former Governor Matt Blunt believed that Lannert was sexually abused by her father and commuted her life sentence to 20 years.

After 18 years in prison, Stacey Lannert was a free woman.

Boy Interrupted


Paranoid schizophrenic John William McGrath was not an evil person, just a 17-year-old boy who didn’t know how to deal with his parents not getting along with each other. On March 10, 1962, he walked into the emergency room of the state hospital in Concord, New Hampshire. As it turned out, he had killed his family with a hunting rifle.

John’s parents, Francis and Willena McGrath, had a fight which made him angry and when they left the house, he grabbed the opportunity to shoot his brothers, Peter, 13, and Charles, 5. When Francis and Willena got back home, they ended up dead too. The reason he killed his whole family? “They were better off dead,” he said.

John McGrath was found not guilty by reason of insanity and after spending ten years in the maximum-security wing, he was permitted supervised walks on the grounds. One of his walks led to his disappearance and we still don’t know where he is. However, if you happen to meet him, don’t you dare to put up a fight in front of him.