On June 10, 2017, Christopher Leclair and his wife, Karen, left to spend the day out on Lake Erie on Leclair’s fishing boat. Leclair would return back to the dock later that day, but Karen was nowhere to be seen. The following day, Leclair went out on the boat again, this time when he returned he reported that his wife had been missing.


According to Leclair, Karen had gotten seasick that day while the pair were out on a commercial fishing venture. Karen had been slumped over a bucket when she suddenly fell overboard. Investigators knew that there was something fishy about Leclair’s story.


On June 13, 2017, Leclair was arrested for the suspected murder of his wife after surveillance footage from the boat dock contradicted the story Leclair had told investigators. After his arrest, Leclair admitted to having an affair with another woman. This woman later told police that Leclair had been with her on the same night his wife had disappeared. Before Karen had been reported missing, Leclair allegedly had spoken with the woman about moving in with him. This information was enough to establish a motive, but there was still no word on the whereabouts of Karen Leclair.


Three weeks after receiving reports of Karen Leclair’s disappearance a body washed up on the New York shores of Lake Erie. It was the body of a woman. Her ankles had been tied with nylon and fishing rope had been used to secure her torso to an anchor. She appeared to have been shot in the head. Dental records were used to confirm the body had been Leclair’s missing wife.

As Leclair is awaiting trial a second arrest has been made in connection to the case. According to police, Leclair’s father had a revolver in his possession which prosecutors believe may have been the weapon Leclair used to shoot his wife. Leclair’s father had been instructed to hide this weapon, which he agreed to do. He is now being charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

Leclair is currently being held without bond. He is due before the judge on July 31, 2017.