“It was like being attacked by Edward Scissorhands,” said Silent Witness actress Liz Carr of her terrifying experience with a stranger outside of London’s Euston Station.

Carr is a British actress, stand-up comedian, and international disability rights activist who has required a wheelchair since she was seven years old due to a rare condition known as arthrogryposis multiplex congentia, meaning a “curving of joints.”

Despite her disability, she has dominated Britain’s comedy scene and worked her way up to several acting projects, including her role as scientist Clarissa Mullery in BBC crime thriller Silent Witness.


According to a friend, Carr had just been “pushed in her wheelchair when this young man armed with two pairs of scissors suddenly headed towards her. He followed them and began lashing out and stabbed Liz in the head. There was blood everywhere but she was very lucky that the wound grazed her head and she was not more seriously injured.

“She has no idea who he was and has never seen him before.”

The suspect, believed to be in his 20s, was arrested on the scene. He was ruled by a police doctor to be unfit to be interviewed and has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Carr, only suffering minor injuries, is already at home being comforted by her partner Jo. The two wed in a 2010 civil ceremony explained by Carr as a “Wheelie Special Wedding.”