As firefighters scramble to fight off the brush fires that are currently decimating the Southern California landscape, they were called away for another fire police say an arsonist intentionally set.

Firefighters say that more than 200,000 residents were forced to flee their homes as the fires blazed throughout Los Angeles County. That didn’t stop an arsonist in Van Nuys from setting a palm tree ablaze.


A witness alerted the police who arrived with fire crews in time to douse the fire. Police were able to arrest the suspect who was witnessed dancing near the intersection of Kester Avenue and Vanowen Street next to the palm tree that was lit up in flames.

The Los Angeles Patch indicates no injuries were reported as a result of the arson fire, however, nine vehicles were damaged. So far, investigators have not released any information on the suspect.

In spite of the strain the brush fires that are spreading as a result of Santa Ana winds have placed on emergency responders, police and fire crews have been applauded for their quick response time.