On August 25, 2017, Megan Dix left work to go on her lunch break. Parking at her favorite spot in Brockport, New York, Dix often used the time away from her job at Lowe’s to grab a quick bite to eat and answer emails on her tablet. The wife and mother enjoyed the serenity of the area, but that quiet little spot would be anything but serene on that fateful Friday.


The murder appeared to have been at random. When Dix never returned from her lunch break, coworkers may have assumed she had left to see her sick father at the hospital. It would be her husband Chris who would find his wife and the mother of his child dead in her car. Shot in her favorite spot just one week before her 34th birthday.

As police struggled to piece together clues on what led to the fatal shooting, Henrietta police received a call about a woman behaving erratically in the parking lot of Sticky Lips Barbecue Pit. The unknown woman had been pacing back and forth on her phone and became verbally aggressive towards an employee of the restaurant who had been walking to her car at the time, according to witnesses. When the woman pointed a gun at the restaurant employee, she quickly ran inside to call 911. The woman, identified as 31-year-old Holly Marie Colino, was arrested at a nearby Holiday Inn.


After her arrest, The Democrat and Chronicle reports that Colino escaped from police custody during processing at a Sherrif’s station. Colino was able to slip through the handcuffs and make a run for it. With the assistance of a helicopter, Colino was quickly located and once again apprehended.

It was while Colino was being booked for the illegal possession of a firearm that police would be able to connect Colino to the random murder of Megan Dix in the nearby town Brockport. Colino made a full confession to the murder. In spite of this confession, investigators remain puzzled about the woman’s motives but believe Colino had long been struggling with some form of mental illness.

Social media posts and bizarre graffiti left by Colino may be the only clues we have to offer some insight into why Colino approached a woman she had never met in the early afternoon of August 25 and murdered her in cold blood.
Lost in a world of paranoia and delusion, through a series of bizarre YouTube videos and Facebook posts Colino accuses other women of attempting to steal her identity and copying her personal grooming habits.

After reaching out to family members of Colino’s, The Democrat and Chronicle reports that her family had been aware of the woman’s deteriorating mental state. In fact, there had been discussions about how to get Colino help shortly after she moved from Arizona back to her hometown of Rochester, New York just a week before the murder had taken place. Colino refused to seek treatment.
Colino has been charged with second-degree murder and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon. She has since pleaded guilty to the charges and is being held without bail.