Deltra Henderson had been serving out a 30-year prison sentence stemming back to a 2001 conviction for attempted armed robbery in which a woman and child were shot, as well as cocaine distribution and aggravated burglary. For all intents and purposes, it would seem that Henderson was a model inmate. Throughout the 16 years he had been behind bars at the David Wade Correctional Center in Louisiana he worked his way into a trusted position in which he was awarded special privileges on account of his good behavior. It was also on account of his good behavior that Henderson would have been rewarded with early release, serving only 24 of the 30 years he had originally been sentenced to. Henderson, however, had other plans.


On the afternoon of July 27, 2017, Henderson simply walked away from the prison yard and headed directly to the home of the prison’s assistant warden. The assistant warden, who lived in a home on the prison property with his family, was not home at the time but his stepdaughter, 18-year-old Amanda Carney, was. Henderson kidnapped the young woman and proceeded to steal a car. Crashing the car not far from the prison it was discovered that Henderson had stabbed the recent high school graduate to death.

Henderson then proceeded to steal a second car which he also crashed and sought refuge in a home on the prison property. It was inside this home that Henderson was able to access a gun. Police began exchanging gunfire with Henderson. When the smoke cleared officials found that Henderson had died in the exchange.


Prison officials have since described the incident as a “dark day” for the state’s prison system, according to a report from Time magazine. “Our hearts hurt today as we grieve, and mourn the loss of one of our own,” said Corrections Secretary James LeBlanc.

Grief counseling for both prison staff and inmates has been made available. No word on what action is going to be taken by the department of corrections in order to prevent future incidents.