The Last Message Received is the newest addition to the online confessional websites that have peppered the web within the last few years, but unlike those other pseudo-anonymous sites, Last Message Received encourages readers to submit the last text or conversation they had with a loved one whom they have either cut off contact with completely or can no longer speak with because that person has died.

While the site may not be receiving any “feel-good blog of the year” awards anytime soon, what the site can do is offer us a glimpse into the downfall of relationships that no longer exist. Some of them will make you laugh, others you may cry, but here are just a few that may horrify you.

The Ex From Hell


One reader tells the blog about their struggle to get away from an abusive ex. Though this ex was safely behind bars, harassing letters as well as the harassment from his family continued to the point that the reader had no choice but to black out their social media accounts. The reader relates that they are fearful that their abusive ex will track them down, adding that “they should never have let him out.”

The Human Toll


As our nation is in the midst of a heroin epidemic, it’s easy to dismiss junkies as victims of their own bad choices, but it’s also easy to forget that many of those junkies are human beings with families who love them. One reader told the story of their father, who has struggled with drug addiction for years and the emotional toll it has taken on their entire family.

Crazy Dad


Like the story shared above, the reader who submitted this story had a father who seemed to be suffering from a substance abuse issue. This culminated in an incident where the reader’s family was forced to call the police and have their father arrested. Understandably, the reader says they have since chosen to cut off all contact with him.

Abusive Ex


Another reader tells the story of an abusive ex. After deciding to sever all ties with the ex in order to stop the emotional and physical abuse, the ex continued to send the reader death threats. Though it would seem that the ex never made good on those threats, as we heard in episode 60, far too many people have lost their lives at the hands of their abusers.

Fallen Comrade


The subject of this final submission is a stark reality for far too many women around the country. The reader shares the last message sent from a former coworker. Though the message itself isn’t too terribly interesting, what is heartbreaking about this story is that less than a month after sending the message the reader claims that their former coworker was tragically killed by a man she didn’t want to date.