Everyone wishes there was some magic way they could prevent police from issuing them traffic tickets, aside from simply obeying traffic laws. The chronically late know all too well that speeding is sometimes a necessity if we ever hope to get to work on time or get the kids off to class before the bell rings. It’s always when we least expect it that we turn to see lights flashing in our mirror and an officer at our window to hand us a little slip ordering us to pay a fine for not obeying the rules of the road. While it’s a moment we all dread and hope to avoid as much as possible, one Long Island-area man thought he found the answer to his traffic citation dilemma.

According to News12 Long Island, 21-year-old Jacob Tal walked into the Great Neck Estates police station at approximately 5:30 pm on October 7, 2017, and asked to speak with officers there. Tal then attempted to bribe the officers with drugs and money because he wanted them to stop pulling him over to issue him tickets.


Officers were left scratching their heads at Tal’s proposal. While you can’t blame the guy for trying, police politely declined the offer before slapping a pair of cuffs around Tal’s wrists.

Tal has been charged with attempted bribery. If convicted, he could be ordered to spend as many as 10 years in prison, a considerably harsher penalty than a simple traffic ticket.