Police were called to an  Estacada, Oregon grocery store on the afternoon of May 14, 2017. According to witnesses, a man walked into the store carrying a severed human head and stabbed a grocery clerk. The man, who had been covered in blood at the time, was pinned down by store shoppers as they waited for police to arrive on the scene.


The stabbing victim was life-flighted to an area hospital. He is currently in critical condition.

Shortly after the arrest of the stabbing suspect, the body of a woman who appeared to be dead was found inside her Colton home. According to Fox News, whether or not the woman had been missing her head has not yet been released as the investigation into this bizarre incident continues.

The stabbing suspect has since been taken in for a mental evaluation and is expected to be booked into jail sometime on May 15, 2017.

Investigators have urged the public to call 503-630-7712 with any information they may have in regards to either incident.