In the wake of Wondery’s announcement to cut ties with Sword and Scale, its creator and host Mike Boudet has decided to take a break from hosting the show and social media.  The Sword and Scale podcast release schedule will continue as originally planned, with the original team continuing to produce the show, along with new host Tricia Griffith, veteran broadcaster and owner of the popular true-crime forum WebSleuths.  During this break, Boudet will continue hosting a premium version of the regular show, Sword and Scale PLUS, and other exclusive content which will be available only for the show’s direct paying supporters on Patreon.

Tricia Griffith, new host of Sword and Scale

Incongruity is excited to continue production on Sword and Scale, as a mainstay and one of the most highly respected and adored podcasts in the true crime genre. We believe that this new direction provides the team at Incongruity the opportunity to preserve the integrity of the show, the values of the fan base, and to continue to create the same high level of content that has always been associated with Sword and Scale.

“I am thrilled beyond belief to be asked to join such a high caliber podcast like Sword and Scale,” said Griffith. “Can’t wait to get started.”

We are also pleased to announce that other Incongruity shows such as Sword and Scale Rewind, Monstruo and This is War will be unaffected and continue production on their current schedules, with their current production staff and hosts.

The first episode of Sword and Scale featuring its new host Tricia Griffith will premiere March 24th, with new shows following every two weeks.