Police were led on a short-lived pursuit after a motorist reported being shot at. When police apprehended their suspect they uncovered more than they had bargained for.

According to a report from KLTV, Forney Police Department was dispatched when a caller reported that another driver had shot at them as they were traveling down US 80. According to the caller, there were four occupants in their vehicle at the time of the shooting incident. Thankfully no one was injured.

With the help of Kaufman County, TX Sheriff’s Department, police were able to locate the vehicle described by the caller traveling down I-20 a short while later. Police attempted to pull over the driver, but he refused to stop the vehicle. A short chase ensued, ending when the driver crashed into a median.

The driver, identified as 33-year-old Freddie Gilbert of New Orleans, exited the vehicle. Gilbert did not attempt to flee. Instead, he told arresting officers that there was a body in the trunk of his car.


Gilbert was detained as police searched his vehicle. Sure enough, in the trunk of Gilbert’s car was a Dallas woman’s body, identified as 19-year-old Jac Quisha Isaac. Police have indicated that given the circumstances, they believe Gilbert was behind the death of Isaac but have not yet released a motive.


Also found within Gilbert’s vehicle were handguns and ammunition. Arresting officers later found a “leafy substance” suspected to be marijuana and a “white powdery substance” that they suspect is crack cocaine after completing a thorough search of Gilbert’s person at the Kaufman County Jail.

Gilbert is currently awaiting arraignment on charges stemming from the police pursuit as well as possessing prohibited substances in a correctional facility. As for the woman’s body found in the trunk, Kaufman County Sheriffs are currently working in conjunction with Texas Rangers and Forney Police as the on-going investigation continues.