New court documents regarding the Casey Anthony case have recently surfaced as part of Anthony’s bankruptcy suit. A private investigator hired by the Anthony’s provides damning statements that could prove not only what many of us had already suspected – that Anthony had killed her own daughter – but that she had been so desperate to get away with the murder that she had plotted to frame innocent people.

The 15- page document containing statements from the private investigator, Dominic Casey, made claims that not only had Anthony’s defense known that she had killed her daughter, but that he had been informed that he was not to discuss Anthony’s alleged involvement in the murder or why she would have been using duct tape. He was also forbidden from speaking about how Caylee Anthony’s body had been disposed of.


In the second affidavit filed with the bankruptcy court, Casey says that Anthony’s defense attempted to frame Roy Kronk, the man responsible for discovering Caylee’s remains, as the child’s murderer. Casey claims that Anthony had said to him, “maybe we could say Roy Kronk kidnapped Caylee.” Casey refused to go along with the false statements against Kronk because they both knew Kronk had nothing to do with Caylee’s murder.


The document then goes on to say that Anthony’s defense met with her parents in order to discuss their suspicions about Kronk and attempted to convince investigators of Kronk’s possible involvement of Caylee’s death.

The documents emerge five years after a jury found Casey Anthony not guilty in the mysterious death of her two-year-old daughter. Though the documents help to prove what many of those who followed the trial had already believed, there is little chance that Anthony could ever face a re-trial due to double jeopardy laws within the United States.

Since being acquitted of murder, Casey Anthony has attempted to live outside of the public eye. In spite of her efforts, she continues to be a person of interest within the media and new reports of the woman’s life since the trials seem to emerge every few months. This is just the latest of some of these reports.


In 2014, other reports suggested that Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, believed that it was Anthony’s father George who had killed the toddler. During this time there was speculation that the case would be reopened in order to investigate whether or not George had orchestrated the toddler’s murder, but no new information on the possibility of investigators bringing up formal charges on George have come to light.

As these shocking details continue to emerge in the case, people are left wondering how the justice system could have possibly failed so badly and if Anthony didn’t kill Caylee, if her true murderer will ever be apprehended.