Sword and Scale Episode 5

Sword and Scale Episode 5

Imagine a criminal conspiracy and cover-up so so massive in scale, involving the highest levels of government and industry, that it threatens the very fabric of the American system.  Now imagine that the crimes of this criminal syndicate are so horrible, so horrendous, that the mere mention of them would be frowned upon in polite society, and the very idea of such a conspiracy being possible would be laughable and downright absurd.  Yet, in September of 1992, the unexplained disappearance of a 12-year-old boy named Johnny Gosch, set a series of events into motion that would have earth-shattering ramifications to this day.

In this episode of Sword and Scale, we’ll delve into Part 1 of a series titled The Massive Cover-Up one of the strangest and most outrageous criminal conspiracy theories ever told, including audio from many of those who witnessed the story unfolding firsthand.  We’re also delve into all the bizarre side-stories that spin off like fractals into their own mysterious endings.

The show concludes with a viral video that made headlines last week.  In keeping with the theme, it is that of a sexual abuse victim named Jamie that decided that if the law wasn’t going to help her, perhaps YouTube and the outrage of millions could.  You won’t want to miss this clip.




I’ll Red Wagon by Marcia Cirillo

  • Guest

    You know whats crazy. I met this guy once who told me about a situation he was in and how president bush was connected. He was a young boy during the time and there was molestation. I KNEW when I read the description of this bush would come up and it just solidified everything.

  • Shocked

    This is incredibly damning! Can’t wait for the next Part

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