There is a place that humanity has created where the rules of society mean nothing.  This place is a void of laws and social norms.  The scariest thing, is that there is a doorway to this dark place in every home, in some cases we carry this doorway with us day after day.  It’s a place called The Dark Net.

In this episode we’re joined by Jamie Bartlett to discuss this dark and sinister place, along with the human psychology that created it and makes it particularly nefarious.  We also touch on the stories of William Francis Melchert-Dinkel who tricked a young girl into committing suicide for his own sick sense of entertainment.  Mitchell Henderson, who was a young boy constantly bullied and ended up commiting suicide, but even in death he found no solace as an endless barage of trolls relentlessly mocked him and his grieving parents.  We also talk about the extraordinarily disturbing case of Peter Scully, who’s business enterprise No Limits Fun created such despicable works such as DAFU Love and Daisy’s Destruction.

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