Most parents understand how difficult it can be to find a good babysitter. Even with recommendations and good references, many parents have a difficult time leaving their children in the care of a complete stranger. While a million different scenarios fill our minds as we’re making the decision on who we may be entrusting our children to, there’s one scenario which probably doesn’t come up much: whether this stranger will force our children to participate in a bank robbery. Unfortunately, babysitter of the century, Rachel Einspahr, did exactly that.


Einspahr had been babysitting when she pulled into the drive through at a Severance, Colorado bank, according to a report from The Greeley Tribune. The bank teller was immediately passed a note from Einspahr. The note claimed that there was a man in the backseat with a gun and threatened to harm the children if the teller did not give her money immediately.

“Do not sound alarm. The man in the very back wants $100’s and $50’s no dye packs or trackers he has a gun on my kids,” the note read.

Fearing that the children were in harm’s way, the teller proceeded to hand over $500.

Einsphar drove away, believing she had $500 to pay towards the lawyer fees she had racked up. At the time of the robbery, Einsphar had been facing 31 charges, which included fraud and identity theft, after she was accused of stealing money from a business she had managed. Police later questioned the children that had been in Einsphar’s care during the robbery. The children were quick to tell police that Einsphar had made the man up and that at no point were they ever in any danger.


When asked to comment on the case, prosecutor Kathryn Wilson told The Greeley Tribune, “To expose children to that type of activity when they’re in your care is a breach of trust.”

It was later learned that Einsphar had planned out the robbery. The children watched as Einsphar removed the license plates from her car and pulled on a black hoody, before driving to the bank. After the teller handed her the money, she proceeded to drive to a school where Einsphar placed the license plates back on her vehicle and allowed the children to play. Police were able to track her down using surveillance footage.

Einsphar was arrested after the incident. In addition to the 31 previous charges she had been facing, the prosecutor added attempted robbery, forgery, and theft to the list. Einsphar pleaded guilty to all of the charges. She has since been sentenced to serve a total of six years in prison and ordered to pay $33,000 in restitution. Whether or not Einsphar will be asked to babysit again once she gets out of the slammer is unknown.