At first glance, Tamara Samsonova looks like your typical little old lady. It’s easy to imagine the small-framed woman with the sweet smile and curly hair that still blazes a light strawberry blond spending summer days at the park with her grandchildren and passing out homemade sweets to the neighborhood children. No one would suspect that this sweet little old lady is a cold-blooded serial killer.


Samsonova was on the police’s radar after the disappearance of her roommate, 79-year-old Valentina Ulanova. CCTV was able to capture Samsonova carrying various bags and even a pot that was believed to have contained the dismembered body parts of her former tenant. During police interrogation, Samsonova confessed to murdering Ulanova, as well as several others.

In a chilling testimony, Samsonova told investigators that she had purchased a packet of cold medication and placed the entire contents of the package into a salad she had prepared for Ulanova. Later that night, Samsonova found Ulanova dead on the kitchen floor. Unable to move the body herself, Samsonova says she used a hacksaw to chop up the body and boiled other parts on her stove. Police suspected she may have cannibalized Ulanova as well.

After taking the time to cut Ulanova’s body up into various pieces, Samsonova was then able to carry some of the body to a nearby pond. Cadaver dogs were able to pick up the scent and recover some of these remains, but some of Ulanova’s organs were never recovered.


In addition to the murder of Valentina Ulanova, Samsonova’s diary also contained a second detailed account of how she chopped up another former roommate, placed his body into plastic bags, and then disposed of him in various trash bins around the area.

Samsonova admitted she had killed the man, as well as other tenants who had boarded with her. Police believe that she may have been linked to as many as 13 murders, including her own husband who disappeared in 2005. She later confessed to 11, but without evidence and the suggestion that Samsonova may be suffering from some form of mental illness, it has not been determined how many murders she had actually committed.

A judge determined that Samsonova will be held in custody. Samsonova told the courts that she is glad that this chapter of her life is over and blew kisses to reporters as she left.