If you’ve been following the news the past couple years, then you know that people love committing crimes and bragging about it – or in some cases broadcasting it live – on social media, and Earl Valentine is the latest case of this phenomena.

At the beginning of 2016, Keisha Valentine and her son, also named Earl, fled Valentine and settled in the little town of Norlina, South Carolina. Keisha was able to get a year-long protection order against Valentine on grounds of domestic violence. Police are unsure what may have sparked Valentine, who had been living in the Richmond, Virginia area, to drive to his former wife’s new residence and open fire.

Valentine's son and former wife.

Valentine’s son and former wife.

According to Valentine’s son, who was caught in the crossfire protecting his mom, Valentine had kicked in the door and fired several rounds. Young Earl was shot in the chest, and Keisha was shot at point-blank range. The boy used his dying breaths to tell a 911 operator that he had been shot by his own father. Keisha was able to survive the attack, but has last been reported to be in critical condition.

As Valentine left the scene, he turned on his phone and began to stream live on Facebook. He callously admitted to shooting his wife and said that he felt no remorse over what he had done, though admitted that he had been, “sick for months,” and that it was something he, “could not help.” He later spoke with police, who told local news sources that Valentine was armed, dangerous and en route to murder his former in-laws in Virginia. His former in-laws were placed in protective custody as the manhunt was underway.

Police were able to track Valentine to this South Carolina Days Inn.

Police were able to track Valentine to this South Carolina Days Inn.

Police were able to track the signal on Valentine’s cellphone. Valentine first traveled back to the Richmond area, allegedly to visit his father’s grave. From there, pings from cellphone towers indicated that Valentine was heading back to South Carolina. Two days later police were led to a motel in Columbia, South Carolina, where investigators say that Valentine was found dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the head.