Excitement’s Crave

All those mortal’s surviving birth

Upon facing maturity,

Take inventory of their worth

To prevailing society.

Choosing values becomes a task;

Oneself must seek satisfaction.

The selected route will unmask

Character when plans take action

Accepting some work to perform

At fixed pay, but promise for more,

Is a recognized social norm,

As is decorum, seeking lore.

Achieving while others lifting

Should be cause for deserving fame.

Leisure tempts excitement seeking,

What’s right and expected seems tame.

“Jessie James” has been seen by all,

And “Son of Sam” has an author.

Others now feel temptations call.

Sacramento should make an offer.

To make a movie of my life

That will pay for my planned exile.

Just now I’d like to add the wife

Of a Mafia lord to my file.

Your East Area Rapist

And deserving pest

See you in the press or on T.V.

                                                 – A Poem by the East Area Rapist

The East Area Rapist

Composite of the suspect wearing a mask.

Composite of the suspect wearing a mask.

A woman had been sleeping soundly within her own bed in the twilight hours of June 19, 1976, when suddenly she awoke upon the realization of a strange presence. Standing in her bedroom was a man wearing only a black ski mask and a blue t-shirt. Before the woman even had a chance to scream, the stranger lunged at her and ordered her not to make a sound as he pressed the blade of a knife against the young woman’s cheek.

The man grabbed an electrical cord from a hair drier, tied her up, and proceeded to rape the frightened and confused woman. Waiting until she was certain the man had left, she slowly wiggled and wormed her way to a nearby phone and frantically pressed the “0” button in order to get in touch with someone. Anyone who could help her. This would only be the first of at least 50 known attacks attributed to the unknown masked assailant.

The rapist’s modus operandi was practically the same in each attack. Targeting women who lived in single story homes, the man would case his victims before breaking into through a window sometime after dark. Once inside the man would enter the woman’s bedroom wearing a ski mask, where he would then threaten the woman before tying her up and sexually assaulting her.

In most cases the victims reported a prowler in the area the night before their attacks. Other times the victims would receive menacing or unusual phone calls.

First media article on the East Area Rapist. Published in the San Francisco Bee.

First media article on the East Area Rapist. Published in the San Francisco Bee.

Eleven more attacks would occur after the June 1976 Rancho Cordova, CA incident before someone came close to apprehending the suspect. In February of 1977, a teenage boy spotted the masked assailant and began to tail him as he fled the scene. The boy only stopped the pursuit when the prowler shot him in the stomach.

His near capture was not enough to stop the man’s perverted crimes and in March of 1977 the attacks continued. Instead of becoming more cautious in selecting his victims, the rapist graduated from attacking young women and teenage girls to attacking couples. Brutalizing the man and raping his female partner in front of him, all the while mocking and humiliating the man throughout the act. It is without question that the East Area Rapist was unequivocally the worst sexual predator the United States has ever seen.

Though the man was considered the worst of the worst as far as rapists go, the man was not known for murdering his victims. At least that’s what authorities believed until February 1978.

The Maggiores were out walking their dog in Rancho Cordova, CA at approximately 9am. As Brian and Katie were walking down La Gloria Way a masked man approached them and shot Brian in the stomach. Katie attempted to flee, but the murderer shot her down in a nearby yard.

After the murder of the Maggiores, no more murders occurred while the suspect maintained his East Area Rapist moniker, but he continued to rape teenage girls and attack young couples. The final attack attributed to the East Area Rapist occurred on October 1st of 1979.

A couple living on Queen Anne Lane in Goleta, CA were attacked in their home at approximately 2:15am. An FBI agent living near the couple was awake and reading in his upstairs bedroom when he heard a loud noise and a woman’s scream. Suspecting there was trouble afoot, the agent ran downstairs and grabbed his gun. Before leaving the house he quickly dialed 9-1-1 and reported that he suspected a crime was being committed at his neighbor’s home.

The couple’s attacker had climbed into the house through an open window and grabbed a knife from the kitchen. The couple had been asleep in their bedroom when the man used twine to tie them up. The assailant forced the man and woman to lie back down on the bed and demanded that they give him money. The woman directed the perpetrator to the direction of her purse in a nearby room. The woman then attempted to make a run for the door as the burglar was distracted, but he chased her down, slamming her hard against the front door, and causing the woman to scream.

The male victim, still tied up on the bed, decided to use the opportunity to make his way out of an open sliding door to the backyard. The assailant then chased after the man and the woman began screaming hysterically. The assailant quickly fled the scene just as the neighboring FBI agent arrived at the couple’s home.

The attacker fled on a bicycle and the agent quickly ran over to get his car in order to chase down the suspect. After a short pursuit, the suspect ditched the bike along with the kitchen knife used to threaten the couple, then hopped a fence and disappeared into a backyard. The agent used his radio to contact local police and reported the suspect’s last known whereabouts. Feeling that the local police had the situation under control and would quickly apprehend the assailant, he returned to the scene in order to gather more information from his neighbors.

The police were never able to apprehend the assailant, but the public would soon learn that there was an even worst threat on the loose.