“What if science one day discovered that all evil behavior has a biological cause? What if thieves and murderers were “fixable” with a few minor adjustments to their brain chemistry? Author Quantz asks these big questions and more in a daring if too brief graphic novel. Dr. Wolfe is an obsessed neuroscientist seeking to discover the root of evil in the human brain. With the help of a genius movie set designer and a voluptuous actress, he concocts an elaborate false reality to experiment on a convicted serial killer. Think of it as The Truman Show meets Natural Born Killers. The explicit discussion of morality gives the story a Greek tragedy feel, and the intriguing cast makes for a surprisingly character-driven story …”

The description Amazon gives for the graphic novel Syndrome – the latest graphic novel Canadian real estate heir Blake Leibel is credited with co-authoring – explores some of the darkest aspects of the human psyche. With the recent news of Leibel’s arrest for the torture and mutilation of his girlfriend, many are wondering if Leibel’s fascination with the criminal mind had been taken too far.

Leibel is credited as an award winning Halflife player, who decided to focus his energies on other forms of media. With the help of an $18,000 a month allowance, Leibel has written a number of graphic novels, screenplays and, according to IMDb, had acted as a creative consultant for the 2008 animated series based on Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs

Leibel was placed under arrest on May 26, 2016 after West Hollywood police entered into the couple’s barricaded apartment. Inside, investigators came across a scene that seemed to mimic Leibel’s notable graphic novels and screenplays. Iana Kasian, who had just given birth to couple’s first child three weeks prior, was found tortured, mutilated and completely drained of her blood according to a press release from the offices of district attorney Jackie Lacey.


According to an article written by The Washington Post the couple had been having trouble in their relationship after Leibel was picked up on charges related to a sexual assault. Friends say that Kasian was not the victim of the sexual assault, but Leibel’s arrest did not go over well with the new mother. She went to live with her mother, but had returned to the apartment to speak with Leibel. Kasian’s mother said she never returned.

Kasian’s mother called police and asked them to conduct a welfare check on her missing daughter. Police arrived to find furniture and other household items had been used to barricade the door. Leibel, as well as the mutilated body of Iana Kasian, were found inside.

More details on exactly how the woman died are sure to come out as Leibel faces charges including murder, mayhem, aggravated mayhem and torture.

Leibel has since plead not guilty to all charges. If convicted Leibel faces the death penalty.